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10 Smart Rings to Keep Your Finger Connected

Smart rings.. Not the most straight-forward guide we’ve put together due to it being such a new genre.

So far, there’s no standard feature set offered by smart rings; some of them are all about notifications and fitness tracking, others are about contactless payments, keeping you safe from crime and controlling IoT devices. One common attribute that all smart rings should offer. They should all look stylish enough to wear on any occasion.

It’s pretty safe to say that smart rings are going to to find their way into everyday attire and become the norm in the future, as wearable tech and jewelry are both here to stay..

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Smart Rings Available Now



One of the first smart rings to hit the consumer radar, and certainly the most successful, Ringly started connecting fingers while other early smart jewels never reached production.

Beauty and technology meet at the core with Ringly. There are eight models in the collection, made with precious metals and gemstones such as black Onyx, Emerald, and tourmalated quartz.

The ring connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone. When you receive a call, text or notification from a social media app, Ringly gently vibrates and a subtle LED on the side lights up. The notifications can be customized with different light colors and vibration patterns for VIP callers.

App Compatibility

The Ringly app is compatible with iOS 8.0 or higher / Android 4.3 or higher.


Splash proof.

Price and Availability

Around $195 – $225 USD.


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The Oura smart ring is a wellness wearable designed to keep you in touch with your physiological, mental and emotional state.

Oura connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone. It uses medical-grade pulse-oximeters to measure blood volume pulse, and keeps track of your steps, calories, heart rate and has some innovative features for illustrating your sleep quality.

The ultimate goal of the OURA ring, by continuously measuring and interpreting your biometrics in relation to your lifestyle, is to help you achieve balance between body and mind.

App Compatibility

The Oura app is compatible with iOS 8.0.


Up to 50 meters

Price and Availability

$299.00 Ouraring.com



Neyya is a multi-purpose smart ring with the most emphasis pointing towards controlling other devices. On the top of the ring is a capacitive touchpad that responds to to swipes and taps. Neyya can be worn on either index finger with the touch control coming by way of thumb.

This clever ring aims to be the replacement of choice for old-fashioned Windows Powerpoint and Apple Keynote presentation remotes by allowing you to control slides with wearable style.

Neyya uses Bluetooth to connect and can be used to control your smartphone’s music playlist and camera, trigger recording with your GoPro, navigate Netflix menus and more. iPhone users can also activate Siri by tapping and holding the ring’s capacitive touchpad for 3 seconds.

Neyya is geared up for for smartphone notifications. When you get an incoming call, text or calendar reminder, the ring will vibrate. The vibration patterns can be customised for different callers, and you can set up a VIP list so only the most important notifications reach your finger. The ring can also be used to accept or reject calls.

App Compatibility

Neyya is compatible with iOS.


Yes (not sure how much).

Price and Availability

Around $139 – $179 USD (depending on model).


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Ungaro Ring


Emanuel Ungaro, the iconic French fashion house teamed up with Omate to create this luxury smart jewelry piece, inspired by the Diva Perfume design introduced by Ungaro in 1983.

The appeal of this smart ring is carried more by the designer brand than the functionality, is it’s not all that smart compared to some of the others featured here.

It’s all about VIP notifications – keeping fashion-forward women in touch with only the most important caller. The ring connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. When the VIP in your life calls or sends a text, the ring vibrates – that’s about it.

The Ungaro Ring comes with either 18k gold or silver plating and a choice of gemstones.

App Compatibility

The Ungaro Ring is compatible with iOS (Android apparently coming in the future).



Price and Availability

The Ungaro Ring was supposed to become available through the Richline Group in November 2015, with prices ranging from $500 to $2,000. However, information on where it’s available seems to be quite elusive.

If you can find anywhere that’s selling it please let us know..

Smart Rings Coming Soon



Moodmetric is a finely crafted smart ring designed to help you manage stress by keeping in touch with your emotions. The ring’s built-in sensors monitor skin conductance and autonomous nervous system signals with the aim of elevating your emotional intelligence..

The smart ring connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth. Through the companion app, it provides insights about your emotional state. Moodmetric is based on the premise that becoming more aware of what things in life trigger your emotional energy variations empowers you to overcome stress. The ring also has a built-in accelerometer to keep track of how many steps you take during the day.

App Compatibility

Moodmetric is compatible with iOS – iPhone 4S and higher.


Splash proof

Price and Availability

Find out more at Moodmetric.com



As the name suggests, the BioRing is all about tracking your fitness through biometrics. Although the BioRing is many times smaller than wrist-worn fitness trackers, it matches them with features.

On board is an optical heart rate monitor, accelerometer, and bioimpedence sensor that work with an advanced algorithm that can apparently automatically measure your calorific intake.

Furthermore, it can tell the difference between protein, carbs and fat by measuring the changes in cells using electrical signals. That’s the short version.

The sensor-packed smart ring also has its eye on your body’s water levels, your stress patterns, and it offers the activity tracking essentials such as steps, distance and sleep monitoring.

Not to leave out smart notifications; when he BioRing is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, it will vibrate when you receive a call, text, email and social media notification.

App Compatibility

The BioRing is compatible with iOS and Android.


Up to 10 meters

Price and Availability

Around $260 USD (retail). Discounts are available if you pre-order over at Indiegogo with an estimated shipping date of November 2016.



In contrast to most wearables which pack many different functions and features under one roof; Kerv just concentrates on NFC, whether it’s for contactless payments in a store, paying for the tube or a taxi, or opening connected locks in your smart home.

Kerv can be used at any worldwide location that displays the contactless payment symbol, where Mastercard and Visa contactless cards are accepted. Once you’ve activated your account, funds can be topped up through the online portal. You can also link your bank or PayPal to the account so your balance will be topped up automatically when your funds are running low.

Another thing that makes this smart ring different from most other wearables is the fact that it doesn’t need to be paired with a smartphone.

App Compatibility

The Kerv app is compatible with iOS and Android.


Yes (not sure how much).

Price and Availability

The first batch of Kerv pre-orders are already sold out, but the company will be taking more pre-orders soon. Sign up to the Kerv newsletter to find out when you can order.



According to study that involved 5,000 smartphone users across the U.S, UK, Brazil, China and South Korea; as much as 28 percent of them had fallen victim to crime over the past 12 months. It’s no wonder that “panic Button” wearables are in demand.

Mangos is a safety-centric smart ring which connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. If danger raises its ugly head at any time and you feel like someone needs to know, Mangos will send an SOS message to your contacts along with your exact location using your smartphone’s GPS.

After activating the panic button th ring will gently vibrate to confirm your SOS message is about to be sent to your pre-selected contacts. If the panic button is activated accidentally you can cancel the message within 30 seconds using the companion smartphone app.

App Compatibility

Mangos is compatible with iOS and Android.


Splash proof

Price and Availability

Find out more at Mangosring.com



Like to the Mangos Ring, the purpose of this finger friendly gadget is helping to keep you safe.

Pressing and holding a button on the side of the ring for 3 seconds activates the SOS signal which in turn sends your location and a personalised text to family, friends, law enforcement, private security firms, and other Nimb users who might be nearby.

Nimb uses your smartphone’s GPS to track your location in real-time, so your emergency contacts will know where to look at all times if they receive your distress signal.

Nimb also uses an emergency audio feature that automatically starts recording when the SOS signal has been sent. Like the Mangos ring, Nimb must to be connected to a smartphone with an active data connection to work.

App Compatibility

Nimb is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.



Price and Availability

Find out more at Nimb.com

Smart Rings for the Future

Samsung Smart Ring


Image / Concept Only

At the beginning of 2016 a patent was unearthed that suggests Samsung are planning to introduce a smart ring as a fashionable, wearable solution for controlling their future smartphones and connected gadgets.

It looks like the Samsung ring will use gesture control and possibly a rotation feature similar to the bezel on the Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch.

Find out more about the Samsung Smart Ring

Microsoft Smart Ring


Image / Concept Only

At the end of 2015 a patent filed by Microsoft gesture shows a smart ring with the purpose of controlling connected devices.

The Microsoft ring can seemingly be worn on one or more fingers. The patent mentions a pressure sensor and a combination of a ring and depth sensor. It’s likely the ring will serve the same purpose as a touchscreen.

Find out more about the Microsoft Smart Ring







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