Joule is a connected earring back equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and embedded sensors to secretly keep track of your biometrics.

In the face of some recent negative press about the wearable tech sector (mostly smartwatches), Canadian company BioSensive Technologies Inc have announced Joule, their smart earring back, which in my opinion is one of the best ideas for a wearable device that I’ve seen and shows how wearables can and will reach way beyond smartwatches.

Joule is the result of 3 years of extensive research and development and is the consumer-ready version of the Ear-O-Smart earrings which we covered last year.

With a diameter of around 18 mm, and weighing 1.5 grams, Joule is probably the tiniest consumer wearable in the world, and it epitomizes the future, i.e., integrating technology with everyday accessories and fashion without having to replace your favorite jewelry and garb.

Tiny though it may be, Joule is secretly packed with cutting-edge tech to monitor your fitness levels and activities. By connecting it to your regular post-style (or stud) earrings, Joule will keep track of your fitness metrics such as calories burned, continuous heart rate, and more.

joule smart earring back wearable technology

In addition, the smart earring back helps you achieve your goals more efficiently, by targeting personalized heart rate zones to optimize your workout results. For instance, calorie torching sessions generally require a low-intensity workout for long periods; in contrast to building cardio stamina which requires intensive exercise in short bursts.

The tiny smart jewelry piece comes with an attractive case which doubles as a charger and holds enough power for 10 charges. According to its makers, Joule’s battery lasts for a full day between charges.

The tiny smart earring backs’ companion smartphone app is compatible with iOS and Android.

You can find out more at and take advantage of a 20% early bird discount price and free shipping on pre-orders for limited time.

Biosensive are aiming to ship the first batch of Joule in April 2017, with retail availability in the U.S and Europe coming in July 2017.