According to a survey carried out by Ericsson’s ConsumerLab which interviewed 5,000 smartphone users across the U.S, UK, Brazil, China and South Korea; around 28% of them had been a victim of crime in the past year and many of them said they would be interested in purchasing a wearable device which could quickly and discretely send an emergency signal to friends, family or law enforcement authorities when criminals strike.

Otherwise known as a Panic Button, this type of SOS signal would be useful in situations beyond crime, such as alerting medical authorities if an elderly person falls over in their home and can’t reach the telephone. Of course, special devices for the elderly have been around for a long time already, but now, the technology is becoming more accessible with the rise of wearable tech combined with the convenience of the mobile OS.

The Panic Button is a very suitable and sensible feature for wearables, and it’s not surprising that more and more manufacturers are starting to incorporate it into their devices.

Mangos Smart Ring


Los Angeles based Mark Hardy, the creator of the Mangos smart ring, is on a mission to give women a greater sense of security and peace of mind by enabling them to quickly and discretely raise an alarm if they feel like danger is lurking.

The top of ring has the radius of a dime and weighs less than a quarter. If the wearer ever feels the need to immediately alert family or friends that help is required, simply pressing and holding the top of the ring for 3 seconds will send a personalized SOS text message along with a link to a map with the wearer’s exact location.

After holding down the top of the ring for 3 seconds, it will silently vibrate to confirm an SOS text will be sent to your pre-selected contacts. If the SOS alert is accidentally activated it can be cancelled within 30 seconds using the companion smartphone app for iOS and Android. The ring needs to be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth to send the alert to your contacts, so best keep your phone’s battery charged.


The safety-centric smart jewelry accessory can be easily set up with its companion app in around 1 minute. It has a battery life of 400 SOS activation cycles, so unless you have more than 400 critical situations in your lifetime, you are set for life, according to its makers.

The design of the ring allows you switch out different ring sizes, so every finger should find its fit. There’s no need to take the ring off when you’re washing the dishes as it’s water-resistant, we’re not sure about showering though.

The Mangos smart ring is currently live on Kickstarter with a super early bird price of $55 USD still available. If you miss out on the super early bird price, you may still be able to grab an early bird price of $65. The estimated shipping date is November 2016.





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