Update: The company behind this wearable has gone into administration, so it looks like it will be staying in Shambhala, for the time being..

The London-based designer wearable tech company, Vinaya, formerly known as Kovert Designs launched an Indiegogo campaign yesterday for their latest product, ZENTA. The campaign achieved 50% of its funding goal within 24 hours, so it’s fair to say ZENTA is popular with the Indiegogo community.

Following Vinaya’s beautifully designed Altruis Smart Jewelry collection which went on sale at the end of last year, ZENTA is an attractive bracelet with intelligence to match its looks.

Although its design fits more as a smart jewelry accessory, the ZENTA bracelet has more fitness tracking features than most fitness trackers, including: heart rate and heart rate variability (HRV) monitoring, galvanic skin response (GSR), skin temperature, perspiration, and respiration.

While fitness wearables generally work towards helping to improve your physical wellbeing, the focus of ZENTA is to give you a holistic view of your health, both physical and emotional.

Cutting-edge sensors and machine learning algorithms determine over time certain situations or activities that cause you to have positive emotions and be calm and relaxed, and others that cause negative emotions and stress.


When the smart bracelet senses elevated stress patterns, it will vibrate to let you know. Being aware and ultimately in command of our emotions before they command us is something we can all benefit from.. “Plato”…….. Only joking, it wasn’t really Plato who said that, but it’s true.

Vibrating to notify you of stress is only a snippet of what ZENTA can do to help you on the path to Zen. When the artificial intelligence living inside the bracelet detects you need some calm, it does things such as recommend meditational breathing exercises which you can perform in time with a gentle vibration which is synced to your heart beat.

ZENTA comes with the ability to alert you of smartphone notifications. Using the companion app for Android and iOS, you can filter which notification types and caller IDs are the most important. The bracelet vibrates when you receive an incoming call, text, email or social notification. The vibration patterns for different alerts can also be customized so you know whether it’s worth reaching for your smartphone.

As you would expect from a designer smart jewelry accessory, ZENTA is made from high-quality materials. Its robust build consists of a gesture capacitive, touch-sensitive, scratch-proof zirconia ceramic stone encased in a precious metal plating.


Two versions of the bracelet will be available, the only difference being the straps – one made from genuine leather, the other from silicone. The straps are non-interchangeable as they house the GSR sensors. The leather version is just called ZENTA, the silicon version is called ZENTA Sport.


ZENTA connects via Bluetooth LE to iOS – iPhone 4S + / iPod Touch 5th gen + / iPad 3 + / iPad Mini 1st gen + / iPad Air 1st gen + / Android 4.3 +

Battery Life

The bracelet’s rechargeable battery lasts up to 5 days between charges. It takes around 2 hours to fully charge.


An IP67 water-resistance rating means the bracelet should survive when you wash your hands or get caught in a bit of rain.

Release Date and Price

The estimated shipping date for the stylish wellbeing wearable is March – April 2017.

Update: The company behind this wearable has gone into administration, so it looks like it will be staying in Shambhala, for the time being..