Our essential smart jewelry guide features the most attractive accessories wearable tech has to offer. Smart jewelry is a blend between luxury design, fashion and features to keep us connected to the digital domain.

These charming connected accessories are designed to be discrete and indistinguishable from traditional jewelry pieces.

At the top, we’ve listed items that are currently available to buy.. Below are items coming soon


The Best Smart Jewelry Available Now

Bellabeat LEAF


LEAF is one of the most charming wearables and one of our favorites, and many people obviously agree as it’s one of the most popular smart jewelry items. The beautifully designed LEAF is dedicated to empowering women with greater awareness about their bodies, ultimately resulting in greater health.

LEAF’s feature set helps you to combat stress, promotes reproductive health, and monitors your steps, calories and sleep patterns.

LEAF detects elevated stress levels by monitoring your breathing patterns. When stress is detected, LEAF will vibrate to remind you to cool off. Breathing exercises and tips on how to calm stress can be quickly accessed within the Bellabeat smartphone app. With LEAF, you can learn which things in life cause you to become stressed, thus enabling you to take positive action.

LEAF serves as an assistant to induce reproductive health by monitoring your menstrual cycle and reminding you in the days leading up to your period. Women trying to conceive are able to identify ovulation days to increase their chances of adding a new member to the family.

The Bellabeat LEAF syncs wirelessly with smartphones running iOS and Android.

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Tory Burch Fitbit Collection


World famous fashion designer Tory Burch teamed up with Fitbit in 2014 to bring heaps of charm to the best-selling Fitbit Flex.

The Fitbit Flex tracking module, which monitors your steps, distance, calories and sleep, can be simply removed from its native rubber band and popped into the designer collection, transforming your fitness tracker into a charming fashion accessory.

The Tory Burch collection consists of double-wrap and metal hinged bracelets, and necklace pendants. They come in variety of colors, including gold, rose gold and silver; and variety of leather bands with subtle colors to go with your favorite outfits.

The Fitbit Flex syncs wirelessly to smartphones running iOS, Android, and Windows.

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Misfit Swarovski Shine


The Misfit Swarovski Shine is a fully faceted Swarovski crystal that houses fitness tracking technology to monitor your steps, distance, calories and sleep.

The connected crystal features a blinking display that tells the time and shows your daily activity progress. It can can either be worn as a double-wrap Slake bracelet, Cardoon bracelet or necklace pendant. The attractive Slake bracelets come in a variety of colors, each uniquely embossed with crystals.

The Misfit Swarovski Shine is not only the world’s smartest crystal, it’s also the world’s most dazzling fitness tracker.

The Swarovski Shine syncs wirelessly to smartphones running iOS and Android.

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Polar Loop Crystal


The Polar Loop Crystal is the result of a partnership between fitness tech specialists Polar, and luxury crystal specialists, Swarovski.

The Polar Loop Crystal is embossed with 30 Swarovski crystals positioned along the stainless steel edges alongside the LED display.

The aesthetics of this wearable lean more towards a fitness tracker than smart jewelry, but with its irresistible looks it just had to included in this guide.

Polar’s fancy fitness bracelet monitors your steps, distance, calories and sleep. It also lets you know when you receive an incoming call, text or calendar reminder with its smartphone notification feature.

The Polar Loop Crystal syncs wirelessly to smartphones running iOS and Android.

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The Mira wellness bracelet was created for fashion-forward women who like to keep tabs on activities without surrendering wrist space to the typical humdrum looks of a regular fitness tracker.

Inspired by the designer fashion scene, Mira is styled to be worn on a night out, in the gym, office and everywhere in between.

Although styled as a bracelet, Mira is actually a modular device so it can be simply removed and clipped onto clothing or carried into your pocket if you prefer.

Mira keeps track of your steps, calories, distance, elevation, and learns what time of day your energy levels are at their peak, and how much daily exercise suits you the most.

Mira syncs wirelessly to smartphones running iOS and Android.

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Alruis by Vinaya


The attractive Altruis is a modular gemstone that can worn be worn as a bracelet, ring or necklace. In contrast to many other smart jewelry items, Altruis isn’t a fitness tracker as such, it doesn’t monitor steps, calories, etc; instead the underlying sentiment is peace of mind.

In a smartphone addicted age, this premium smart jewelry accessory was created to give you some down time from the digital domain by gently vibrating when you receive a smartphone notification. It works for incoming calls, texts, emails, calendar reminders and social media apps such as Whatsapp.

Altruis allows you to easily set up profiles for different notification types and callers, so only the most important messages make the stone vibrate.

Altruis by Vinaya syncs wireless with iPhones. Android support is coming soon.

Update: Vinaya have gone into administration.

Netamo June


The Netamo June takes a different approach to aiding the wellness of its wearer. June is all about skin care. The amiable accessory is equipped with a UV sensor which lets you know when you’ve had enough sun.

June also recommends which sunscreen factor you should be wearing according to your ray-catching conditions, and advises you when you should be wearing sunglasses or shading your eyes with a hat.

June automatically wakes up at sunrise and sleeps at sunset by syncing to your smartphone’s time zone. Gesture control means June can also be woken up by shaking your hand.

June’s modular gemstone which has been elegantly crafted to resemble a cut diamond, can be easily swapped between a rubber band for the beach, or wherever else you like to catch some rays; and a leather band to match your evening outfits.

June syncs wirelessly with iPhones only.

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The Best Smart Jewelry Coming Soon

Viawear Tyia

best smart jewelry essential guide Viawear Tyia

The Tyia bracelet mixes fitness tracking and smartphone notifications with fashion appeal. Tyia keeps tabs on your steps and calories, and when someone gets in touch, the gemstone on the bracelet glows to let you know.

Various colors and vibration patterns can be set to alert you of different notification types and caller IDs. Tyia also keeps track of your steps and calories.

Viawear Tyia syncs wirelessly with smartphones running iOS and Android.

Available to reserve. Release date N/A.

Beacon & Lively


The Beacon & Lively is the smart jewelry piece in the image at the top of the page. As well as looking extremely elegant, the Beacon keeps you connected to the digital domain by subtly glowing and vibrating when you receive a smartphone notification.

The subtle light display can be easily programmed to show various colors and patterns for different notification types and callers, and the light intensity can be adjusted or turned off completely. The vibration strength can also be adjusted so you know if the incoming notification is important enough to reach for your smartphone.

The Beacon & Lively smart bracelet syncs wirelessly to smartphones running iOS and Android.

Available to reserve. Release date N/A.

WiseWear Socialite Collection


The goal of the creators of the stunning Wisewear smart bracelet collection is to find the perfect balance between comfort, fashion and function.

In addition to boasting the aesthetics of a premium jewelry piece, the Wisewear bracelets keep tabs on your steps, distance, calories and active minutes. Incoming call and text notifications are also taken care of by way of gentle vibration.

Onboard the Wisewear Socialite collection is a personal safety feature that sends a distress signal and your location to your contacts if you run into danger and feel that help is needed. This feature is sometimes called “Panic Button”.

Wisewear smart bracelets sync wirelessly with smartphones running iOS and Android.

Available to pre-order. Release date 2016.

Ringly Aries


Ringly are one of the most well-known smart jewelry makers. Their Aries smart bracelet is equally as charming as a traditional jewelry piece on the outside, but on the inside is technology which monitors steps, calories, and vibrates when you receive a call, text, email, calendar reminder, and social media notification from apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and LINE.

A multicolor LED on the side of the bracelet subtly glows when a notification arrives, and can be set to display different colors depending on the notification type and importance of the caller.

The Ringly Aries collection syncs wirelessly with smartphones running iOS and Android.

Available to pre-order. Release date summer 2016.



Zenta is the second designer wearable by London-based Vinaya, following the Altruis collection. As the name suggests, Zenta is about helping you on the road to zen.

The beautifully crafted bracelet has more features for monitoring your fitness than most fitness trackers, including: heart rate variability and galvanic skin response.

Regular fitness trackers typically focus on improving physical wellness, whereas Zenta provides a holistic insight to both body and mind with its advanced sensors and machine learning algorithms which learn over time which situations or activities cause you to have positive emotions, and which cause negative emotions leading to stress.

Zenta will vibrate when you receive a smartphone notification for calls, texts, emails, and social media. You can also filter which notifications you want to reach the bracelet and customize vibration patterns.

Zenta syncs wirelessly with smartphones running iOS and Android.

Update: Vinaya have gone into administration.

Caeden Sona

beautiful smart-jewelry-sona-connected-bracelet

Sona is a smart wellness bracelet with looks to burn. Similar to the Zenta bracelet, Sona is designed to help you achieve greater fitness for both body and mind.

Sona has a full set of activity tracking features – steps, distance, calories, and active minutes. It also monitors heart rate variability.

While understanding your heart rate variability data and whether or not you’re in a calm state of mind, the technology behind the attractive bracelet provides you with a real-time breathing pacer along with audio guidance and meditational breathing exercises.

Sona also includes smartphone notifications, gently vibrating when you receive an incoming call or text.

The Caeden Sona syncs wirelessly with iPhones only.

Available to pre-order. Release date summer 2016.



Ear-O-Smart are the world’s first smart earrings. Hiding inside their elegant exterior is photoplethysmogram technology to monitor your heart rate. They also keep track of steps and calories, and a digital wellness coach uses your heart rate data to recommend when you should raise or lower your workout intensity to optimize calorie burn.

The Ear-O-Smart earrings sync wirelessly with smartphones running iOS and Android.

Available to reserve. Release Date N/A.






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