The evolution of activity trackers is not just about technology, but also fashion and style.

The Misfit Shine is one of the most popular activity trackers. It’s a sweet and simple device that makes tidy work of counting your steps, distance and calories burned along with monitoring sleep patterns. Misfit are keeping busy recently, just a few days ago they announced their plans to join the Fossil Group, and a few weeks ago they launched the Misfit Shine 2.

Back at CES 2015 we first heard about Misfit’s collaborative efforts with leading jewelry and crystal company Swarovski. The resulting products have landed in good time for Christmas as they are now available in the U.S.

The Swarovski Shine Collection is designed for women looking to keep tabs on fitness and sleep stats via wearable tech with the appeal of a classy jewelry accessory.


The Swarovski Shine Crystal can be worn as a bracelet, pendant or wristband. Like the Misfit Shine you give it a tap to check your daily activity progress, such as steps, distance and calories. To allow for a more accurate calorie count and point score you can tag different activities, including walking, running and cycling.

Wearing the Shine Crystal all day will help you learn about your activity patterns. The Misfit app uses a points system with a daily goal of 1,000. With each activity, you are credited with more points towards the 1,000 daily goal. The more vigorous the activity the more points you get. It allows you to tag different activity types so you can be awarded the correct amount of points. The list of supported activities are: Walking, running, cycling, swimming, soccer, tennis, basketball, yoga and dancing.

Misfit app

Wearing the Swarovski Shine at night gives you an insight to your sleep patterns, with periods of restful and light sleep. The Crystal also functions as a watch that syncs with the clock on your smartphone. The Crystal has a “Blinking” display – brighter blinks symbolize the hour hand, and softer blinks the minute hand.


To sync the Shine Crystal you simply place it on your smartphone’s touchscreen – a feature which has been given the name ” Magic Sync”.

One of the best things about Misfit fitness trackers is they never need charging. Instead they use a replaceable coin cell battery with a life span of around 6 months.

The Swarovski Shine works with the Misfit app; compatible with iOS (iPhone 4S and higher), Android 4.3 and higher, and Windows Phone (BLE) 8.1 and higher.

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