Playertek by UK sports tech firm Catapult wants to help increase your chances of becoming the next Ronaldinho.

Catapult Sports already provide tech to analyze pro player performance to over 1,250 clubs over a variety of sports. These include Premiere League contenders Chelsea and Spurs, and last year’s winners Leicester City. In the past, pro football tracking technology hasn’t come cheap, but now Catapult are scaling their performance tracking down so you don’t need to be earning £200k per week or own a stadium to get in depth metrics about your game.


Playertek is Catapult’s new smart compression vest. It works with a tracking module which packs an accelerometer, magnetometer, and GPS. It’s available to pre-order now for £199. If you want an extra vest it’ll cost £25.

Onboard the Playertek football tracker is a 500mAh battery, which is chunky enough to provide around seven hours of hardcore game-time recording, and 8GB of storage which should collect around 1,250 hours of data.

The soccer tracking wearable monitors your top speed, distance covered, sprint distance, and number of sprints. It also allows you to compare your stats with the world’s best players. The device sends the data over Bluetooth to the companion smartphone app, which is only available on iOS, for now. The device can be used for competitive games and training sessions, and it accommodates players and coaches.

Source / Wareable