Bellabeat have introduced a new addition to their health-orientated smart jewelry line, the Bellabeat Leaf Urban.

The new wearable which is designed to be worn 24 hours a day has kept its attractive leaf shape, but it’s smaller than the original Leaf and is made from a water-resistant certified wood composite and stainless steel rather than the 7,000 year old marshwood.

You can wear the Leaf Urban as a bracelet, necklace or fix it to clothing with a new symmetrical clip. It will be available in two colors, Silver which will be priced at $129 USD, and Rose Gold at $149.

Apart from being a great-looking accessory, the technology hiding inside the Bellabeat Leaf Urban has 4 main objectives: overcoming stress, promoting mindfulness through meditation, reproductive health, and activity tracking.


Stress Management

The Leaf Urban’s smart hardware and computer¬†algorithms learn about your stress patterns through biometric feedback from activity levels, sleep quality and reproductive health. It helps you understand what causes elevated stress levels and helps you deal with them when they occur.


Nothing is more effective at promoting peace of mind than meditation. The Bellabeat Leaf Urban will help bring calm and focus into your days with its selection of guided meditational exercises.

Reproductive Health

The original Bellabeat Leaf is on of the most popular smart jewels, if not the most popular. One of the reasons for its success is its period tracking and fertility calendar to help women better understand their body’s natural rhythms, menstrual cycles and ovulation days. The new Bellabeat Leaf Urban offers the same maternal features.

Activity Tracking

The Leaf Urban keeps track of your daily steps and calories burned along with providing a real-time overview of how your activities affect your overall health. You can also track custom activities, set fitness goals, and be reminded with a gentle vibration when you’ve been inactive for a long time.

The Leaf Urban also acts as a sleep monitor. It tracks periods of light and deep sleep, times of sleeping and waking, and total sleep duration. There’s also a silent vibrating alarm you can set to wake you up in the morning.


The elegant smart jewelry piece uses Bluetooth to sync wirelessly to the companion app which is compatible with iOS and Android.

One of the best things about the Bellabeat Leaf Urban is that it never needs to be charged, although the battery needs to replaced every six months or so.

You can now sign up to the waiting list to reserve your Leaf Urban. Pre-orders are opening next month (August 2016) with shipping set to start the same month.