Samsung are going all out in the world of IoT since they acquired the SmartThings home automation company in August 2015 and then made IoT their focus at IFA a month later.

A patent recently unearthed by patentlymobile suggests that Samsung are planning a wearable solution in the form of a smart ring for controlling future smartphones and IoT devices.


The Samsung smart ring comes at no surprise as a few months ago we covered an Apple smart ring patent, and a month or so later a Microsoft smart ring patent both which point towards the similar purpose of controlling connected gadgets.


Samsung’s patent shows a smart ring alongside a smartphone and examples of sensors. It looks like the devices connect, probably using Bluetooth or NFC and that the ring might control your TV and IoT devices around the home, such as lights and blinds. Theres also a mention of a kind of social media integration that will enable wearers to interact in a unique way.

It’s likely the ring will use gesture-based control and there’s talk of a rotation feature possibly similar to the rotating bezel on the Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch.

Smart rings seem to be all the rage at the moment, and with the Internet of Things set to arrive big time, what better way to have dominion over so many devices than wiggling your finger?


The image used at the top of the page is a concept design only.





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