Smart Jewelry is a rising trend in wearable technology, designed to be as enticing to the eye as traditional jewelry, but also taking advantage of the functionality offered by smart connected devices.

The majority of wearables are currently geared towards notifications and biometrics. Moodmetric, a smart jewelry accessory with its roots in Finland is taking a different approach to the Quantified Self.

Moodmetric is a beautifully crafted smart ring designed to help reduce stress levels by managing your emotions. Onboard sensors monitor autonomous nervous system signals and skin conductance, with the objective of raising your Emotional Intelligence – a term used in the professional study of Psychotherapy.

The Moodmetric smart ring provides detailed feedback about your emotional activity through its companion app for iOS. Once you begin to learn what triggers your emotional energy variations, you are on the path of mastering Emotional Intelligence. Also contained in the smart ring is a 3-axis accelerometer, so it will keep track of the number of steps you take.


So what’s new..

A newly designed Moodmetric smart ring was announced today. Several improvements have been made over the beta version of 2014. After over ten months of rigorous testing and feedback from the beta, the Moodmetric team have reduced the size and increased the performance of their smart ring.

It goes without saying the Aesthetic appeal of smart jewelry accessories are highest priority. Quite a lot of the feedback received about the beta concerned its overall size. This lead to the development of the new model containing a smaller module and gemstone.

New features include LED indicators for charging and battery status, plus an alternating current measurement, which prevents oxidation of the ring.

According to the initial batch of the new and improved smart ring will enter the production stage a few weeks from now. They have also reassured people who have already placed their order by saying; “Some of you have already been in touch, no worries, your names are on the list, and no need to re-order. We will personally contact you very soon”

The deadline date for pre-ordering one of the initial batch is August 15. If you want one, head over to Moodmetric and drop them an email.