Fitness tracking jewelry accessories, along with clothes, shoes, and other accessories that humankind has been wearing for eons, such as glasses, are destined to eventually eat up the market share pie currently being munched by smart bands.

One of those age-old accessories are rings. We’ve been wearing them for a millenia and will continue to do so, unless we evolve into fingerless entities. Packing technology into the tiny space offered by a ring is no easy feat, hence several attempts of bringing smart rings from concept to consumer-ready product have gone the way of the Doh Doh.

So far, the only smart ring that has really gained any traction in the real world is Ringly, but that is a fashion accessory that does little more than buzz and flash when you receive a notification.

Motiv Inc are a U.S-based company that may be about change that with their fitness tracking ring. The Motiv Ring was on show at CES 2017 in a seemingly functional form. The ring is made from lightweight titanium, and although it doesn’t look as swanky as Kim Kardashian’s wedding ring, it doesn’t look half bad. It is designed to be worn by women and men and comes in rose gold and slate grey.

motiv fitness tracker ring

The Motiv Ring contains an optical heart rate monitor and 3-axis accelerometer. It offers the essential fitness tracking feature set: steps, calories, distance, sleep quality and duration, plus active and resting heart rate monitoring.

Fundamental to the accuracy of optical heart rate monitors is tight skin contact; hence smart bands and smartwatches not having the greatest track record, especially during workouts when lots of movement compromises the contact. A ring equipped with an optical HRM does make sense because it would provide better contact than a wrist band.

motiv fitness tracking ring smart jewelry

The fitness tracking ring is water-resistant up to 50 meters (5 ATM), so it won’t die if you take a plunge in your local fountain. According to its makers, the ring’s battery will last from 3 – 5 days between charges. It’s charged using a magnetic charger and should power up to full in under 2 hours.

Motiv are looking to start shipping their fitness tracking ring in the Spring 2017. You can reserve one now for the not-so-cheap price of $199 USD over at

The Motiv app is compatible with iOS 9.0 or later.. I’m not sure about any plans for Android support.





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