The Wearable Technology Show 2017: Europe’s top event dedicated to wearable tech where many industry leaders, both B2B and B2C were showing off their latest innovations.

AR smart glasses, VR headsets, heads up displays, smart clothing, smart jewelry, sports and fitness gadgets, industrial gear such as a smart fireman’s mask and more were on the floor.

Our top 10 gadgets from the show..


Activ5 isometric workout gadget

Not exactly wearable, but the extremely cool Activ5 was our favorite device at the Wearable Technology Show 2017. The Activ5 gamifies full-body isometric workouts, and I swear you just want to keep on playing.

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tapdo wearable technology

Tapdo is a pretty ingenious wearable device that allows you to control all sorts of media with finger gestures. It basically scans the unique finger prints on different parts of your hand; so you could use your index finger for music control, your middle finger for answering calls and so on.

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lechal smart footwear wearable technology show 2017

Lechal is one of the first wearables we covered back in 2014. Now, the wearable pods that make your footwear smart are available to buy. The Lechal pods can either be slipped into the trim-to-fit insoles, or worn on your laces with the dedicated buckle. They track your steps, calories, distance, and provide left and right foot navigation by way of haptic feedback.

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Kopin Solos

Probably the world’s most advanced eyewear for cyclists, and a pretty cool looking pair of smart glasses. The Kopin Solos display your stats on a crisp monocular display that unobtrusively sits just below your left or right eye – depending on which of your eyes is dominant.

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Microsoft Hololens – Seeper AR

microsoft hololens seeper ar wts2017

There were quite a few Microsoft Hololens’ knocking about WTS2017. We slipped a few headsets on our nuggets and witnessed interactive holograms doing their thing, seemingly oblivious of their spectators. The picture above is Ed Daly, the Managing Director of Seeper AR trying to find his holographic penguin.

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Nimb smart ring wearable tech

The Nimb smart ring hit our radar back in June when it was launched on Kickstarter. Nimb is designed with personal safety in mind. The smart ring allows you to quickly activate an SOS alert which sends an emergency text message and your GPS location to pre-selected contacts.

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senstone smart jewelry wearable technology 2017

SenStone is a smart jewelry accessory designed to automatically translate your voice into text. It can be worn as necklace and speaking into the device results in your voice notes being sent to the companion app. SenStone claim their voice-to-text recognition has an accuracy rate of 97%. We tested it out at WTS2017 and can confirm the accuracy. The SenStone smart jewel was the best-looking wearable at the show.

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Epson Moverio BT-300 and BT-350

epson moverio bt-300 smart glasses wearable tech 2017

Epson were showing off their latest smart glasses at the Wearable Technology Show 2017. There’s not a great deal of difference between the BT-300 and BT-350. The hinges and temples are slightly different and the BT-300 are for personal use, the BT-350 for commercial use.

The smart glasses use a 720p Si-OLED display which provide images equivalent to a 40-inch screen from 2.5 meters away. They can be used to surf the net via Wi-Fi, as well as being tethered to a phone. They come with Android 5.1, a 5 mega pixel camera, and are powered by an Intel Quad Core Processor.

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StretchSense smart clothing wearable technology show 2017

StretchSense are about capturing body motion with smart clothing. Their technology is suitable for all kinds of applications, such as VR, AR and Mixed Reality, gaming, virtual music performance and much more. StretchSense development kits are now available.

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Illuminated Apparel

illuminated apparel wts2017

Illuminated Apparel appeared on Series 14, Episode 11 of Dragons’ Den and emerged successful with a £50K investment from Deborah Meaden. The glowing clothes have a panel containing bespoke luminescent ink. Using the included UV keyring, your smartphone’s torch light or a laser pen; you can draw your own designs which last about ten minutes before they fade away.

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