RocketSkates by Acton are rolling their way into the world of wearable technology, or should I say wearable mobility tech!

Acton’s R-Series RocketSkates, the R6, R8 and R10 are not the company’s first endeavor into motorized footwear, the Spnkix was the Acton’s previous model. The new R-Series have become more streamlined, they are over 2.5 kg lighter, 15% smaller, have four engines instead of two and are much faster.

Often new technologies arrive before their time and fail to be embraced by the masses because of various reasons, but the primary reason is it just ain’t their time! Now that we are well into the era of Smart devices and apps with wearable technology about to explode onto the scene the playing field has got much larger and the demand for new technologies and gadgets to accompany platforms such as Android is cyclopean (massive)!! Along with brushless electric motors and new Lithium ion battery designs these are the reasons that the time for RocketSkates is now!

So what can we expect from the Acton RocketSkates R10?

  • Maximum speed of 12 mph
  • x4 50W DC Brushless engines
  • Lithium ion battery
  • 10 mile range between charging
  • 90 minute range between charging
  • 2 hour charging time
  • Maximum rider weight 275 lbs (125 KG)
  • Bluetooth Companion App

The Acton RocketSkates are made to be worn with your regular shoes, so they can be worn for the duration of their battery life without squeezing the life out of your feet. They either come with large or small footplates which can be adjusted to fit most sizes.

After you turn the skates on with a power button on the back they are totally hands free! Just roll the wheels for the engines to kick in and lean forward to speed up and backwards to slow down and stop. You will also need to select which will be the lead skate, as the lead skate controls the other.

The RocketSates are not just recreationally sound but they are also smart! The companion app with Bluetooth connectivity is available on Android and iOS. It gives you stats on your distance, speed, battery life, route and has potential for many forms of interactive gaming depending on the innovation of developers through the SDK. The app can also be used to remotely control the skates.

 Acton Rocketskates R10 now available