Back in June, the Richline Group announced they had acquired the innovative smart jewelry company, Viawear. Since then, Viawear, now backed by the leading jewelry manufacturer have been preparing for the release of a new collection of connected accessories.

The new collection is called Ela and also brandishes the name Finetech. Not many details about  the new line of smart jewels have emerged, but we’ve been given a sneak preview of how it will look.

One of the devices, named Ela Momento never needs charging and looks like a smart pearl that uses NFC to connect with Android devices and somehow allows you to save precious memories.

The next device is called Ela Connect and looks like it’s all about bringing smartphone notifications to your wrist with a subtle glow and maybe a vibration. There seems to be two versions of the Ela Connect; one with a square gemstone and the other with a round gemstone. They also come with different flavored leather bracelets.


Finally, a very attractive piece called the Ela Bangle. The double-wrap bangles are displayed with a gold and rose gold finish along with a smart gemstone that looks like Onyx with a checkered guilloche finish. At a guess, I’d say the Ela Bangle has the same notification features as the Ela Connect.


We don’t know when the Ela smart jewelry collection will be available or how much it will cost, but we’ll find out soon enough. Not to be outdone by designer wearables from names such as Kate Spade, this new collection by Viawear looks mighty fine, especially the Bangle.