Our guide of the best designer fitness trackers was created for you if you’re looking to keep tabs on your steps and calories burned in style.


Designer Fitness Trackers..

Kate Spade scallop


The Scallop by Kate Spade New York brings fitness trackers onto the catwalk. It comes in variety of styles: black and gold, rose gold and pink glitter, and gold with black and white stripes or spots. There’s also the Black Cat version that has a cute pair of kitty cat ears.

Kate Spade’s debut wearable tracks your activities, sleep and goals such as water consumption and exercise. It also offers incoming calls and text message notifications, remote music and camera control, and a countdown timer to upcoming events.

Compatible with iOS and Android.

Around $125 USD

Kate Spade Bangle


The wrist bangle from Kate Spade New York has an eye-grabbing, boutique design that simply out-jazzes the average wearable. The Bangle will be available sometime in November 2016 with rose gold-tone and pink cat’s eye, stainless steel and white mother of pearl, and gold-tone and white mother of pearl variations.

The bangle offers the same feature set as the Scallop and is compatible with iOS and Android.

The price will be around $125 USD when it arrives in November.

Michael Kors Access Crosby


The Michael Kors designer fitness trackers show why tech companies should leave the aesthetics to fashion labels; that is because their designs are simply in a different class.

The Access Crosby comes in several color variations and has a diamond-cut, faceted silicone bracelet. It tracks your steps taken, distance walked, calories burned, and sleep quality.

It doesn’t feature smartphone notifications – calls, text, etc, but there is a smart “Link” function that allows you to control your music playlist, take a selfie, and activate an alarm on your phone if you can’t find it.

Compatible with iOS 8.2 and Android.

Around $95 USD

Michael Kors Access Reade


The Access Reade uses the same tracking module as the Access Crosby and offers the same fitness tracking features and smart “Link” function for controlling your music and camera.

The difference between the two Michael Kors trackers is the design. The Access Reade is embossed with four crystals and comes with a different strap style, including one embossed with a crocodile pattern.

Compatible with iOS 8.2 and Android.

Around $125 USD

Michael Kors Access Thompson

michael-kors-access-thompson designer fitness tracker

The Access Thomson is the latest designer wearable by Michael Kors. Hiding inside the white mother-of-pearl face is the tracking module which offers the same smart features as the Access Crosby and Reade (above).

The pave crystal-studded bracelet that comes with the MK Thompson, gives it more of a jewelry look than the other two. Along with the Kate Spade Bangle, the MK Thompson is the best looking activity tracker in the world and quite possibly the Universe.

Compatible with iOS 8.2 and Android.

Fitbit + Public School Axis Band


Public School New York have turned the Fitbit Alta into a designer fitness tracker with their new collection.

The Axis Band is styled in the form of a watch, except the Fitbit Alta tracking module sits horizontally in the space where the screen would normally be. The Axis Band is made of stainless steel and only comes in one color.

The Fitbit Alta which sits inside, features a OLED tap display and keeps track of your steps taken, distance walked, calories burned, active minutes, and sleep quality. It also delivers smart notifications for incoming calls, texts and calendar reminders.

Compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows.

$295 USD (not including the Alta).


Fitbit + Public School Paracord Bracelet


The Paracord Bracelet is cheaper than the Axis Band, but still comes with a designer price tag. The rugged accessory has a design inspired by the military and is styled as a braided black bracelet with a metal clasp brandishing the Public School New York motif.

The Paracord Bracelet is also designed to go with the Fitbit Alta, so you’ll get he same activity tracking features, smartphone notifications, and compatibility with iOS, Android, and Windows.

$175 USD (not including the Alta).


Fitbit Flex + Tory Burch


The original Fitbit Flex is the device that kicked off the fitness tracking trend, and the device that established Fitbit as the leading wearable tech firm.

The original Flex still holds its own even though it’s a few years old. It lacks the calls and text notifications offered by the Flex 2, and it’s not waterproof like the Flex 2, but the fitness tracking features are all there. It tracks your steps taken, distance walked, calories burned, and sleep quality.

Fitbit Flex + Tory Burch was the first ever wearable tech + fashion label collaboration. It looks like the Fitbit and Tory Burch websites have stopped selling the accessories, but you can still get them on Amazon. The original Fitbit Flex + Tory Burch is an item for the collectors.

There are various colored bracelets and a Fret necklace pendant in the collection.

The Fitbit Flex is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows


Skagen Allsund Activity Tracker

best designer fitness tracker skagen allsund

In addition to their connected hybrid watch, Skagen the Fossil-owned Danish fashion label have released a tidy activity tracker called the Allsund.

The skagen Allsund has a minimal look and interchangeable leather and silicone straps to look good with day or night time threads. It covers the fitness tracking essentials: steps, distance, calories burned, and sleep quality.

Also on board is the Skagen Link feature, which means you can snag a photo, control your music and more by tapping the tracking module.

Compatible with iOS and Android.

$95 USD.





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