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  • avegant glyph review image

Avegant Glyph Review

This is actually more of a demo than a review, but it was a substantial enough demo to see what the Glyph is capable of... It didn't disappoint. Back in January 2015 the Avegant Glyph [...]

Best Heated Jacket – Top 10 Picks 2017

If you're looking for the best heated jacket to keep you snug while you're doing whatever you do outdoors in the cold Winter months., then check out our top 10 picks. Whether you're hiking, riding, camping, [...]

  • Heaket heated jacket

This Heated Jacket Warms Up in Just 3 Seconds

Heaket is the latest heated jacket to hit our radar. Currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, Heaket has raised $28,180 USD, easily surpassing the $10,000 goal with the campaign still having 22 days left. [...]

What’s Hot in Smartwatches

  • best heart rate watch image

Best Heart Rate Watch – Top Picks 2017

Our guide of the best heart rate watch features a mixed selection of offerings from the top brands aiming to get your ticker in shape.. In no particular order, we've included a few smartwatches, a [...]

What’s Hot in Fitness Trackers

  • best gps running watch top picks

Best GPS Running Watch – Top Picks 2017

May 29th, 2017|

Looking for the best GPS running watch? Check out this guide by running fanatic, running gear guru, and founder of Runabees, Robert Brown.. With the growing health and fitness awareness, it is no wonder that [...]


What’s Hot in Smart Jewelry

  • motiv fitness tracking ring

Motiv is the Latest Fitness Tracking Ring in Town

Fitness tracking jewelry accessories, along with clothes, shoes, and other accessories that humankind has been wearing for eons, such as glasses, are destined to eventually eat up the market share pie currently being munched by [...]

What’s Hot in Fashion Tech

What’s Hot in Wearable Tech

  • arion running wearable tech
2205, 2017

ARION Running Wearable – AI-Powered Footwear

We are edging towards times when smart shoes with the ability to track our performance and activities become part of everyday apparel. The ARION running wearable by ATO-Gear seriously impressed at London's Wearable Technology Show [...]

  • rhythm smart shoes for dancing
2003, 2017

Rhythm Smart Shoes Guide You Through Dance Moves

New York-based startup SolidPixels Inc are applying their technical know-how to one of the world's most popular activities.. Dancing. SolidPixels have launched their Rhythm smart shoes on the crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo. Smart shoes are no [...]

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