The Raptor smart glasses are aiming to be the tech of choice for cyclists..

Smart glasses with augmented reality displays are kind of finding their niche in the sport of cycling, with Intel-owned Recon Jet being the most well-known and companies such as Kopin not far behind.

Of course you don’t have to be on a bike to appreciate the fruits of AR glasses; you could be into other sports such as running, or you can use them for simply mooching around town.

The drawback with current AR glasses for cycling, like Recon Jet and Kopin Solos is the chunky projector that sits at the side of the lens, thus obscuring your line of sight and creating bit of a blind spot; not ideal if you’re bombing down the road at 40 MPH on a Cannondale.

Raptor Smart Glasses

raptor smart glasses wearable technology

A company called Everysight reckon their Raptor smart glasses are the solution. The Raptors are equipped with Everysight’s proprietary BEAM technology which uses the lens itself as the augmented display therefore avoiding peripheral blockage.

The transparent AR display on the smart Raptors overlays digital data onto your line of sight in crisp HD, though I’m not sure how crisp because I haven’t tried them. On the subject of crisp; by far the crispest smart glasses display I’ve tried is on the Epson Moverio BT-300.

With the Raptors you will get real-time visual data on maps, routes, turn-by-turn navigation, distance to turn, speed, distance traveled and more. They also display incoming texts and other notifications. The glasses can be paired with external sensors so they’ll display metrics such as heart rate, cadence and power. Support for third-party apps is also part of Everysight’s plans. Which apps? Not sure, but Strava springs to mind as a good candidate.

raptor smart glasses augmented reality

The connected specs are equipped with a HD point-of-view camera with one-tap control for easy on the fly snappage. Plus, HD video and audio of your rides. Raptor’s companion app for iOS and Android makes it easy to share your activities with family and friends on social media networks.

The Raptors can be controlled in various ways: a touchpad on the side of the specs, voice command, or a controller mounted on your handlebars.

The Raptor smart glasses aren’t available to buy yet, but the company are launching a test pilot program to help with the final stages of development. They are looking for road cyclists, mountain bikers and Triathletes over the age of 18 that ride at least three to four times a week. you can find out more and apply now at


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