Italian accessories brand Morellato have been making jewelry since 1930 when Giulio Morellato opened his workshop in Venice. Fast forward eighty-six years and their charming designs come equipped with hidden tech.

The heart-shaped Morellato smart jewel is subtle and romantic on the outside, but concealed on the inside is a suite of electronics to keep you connected to the digital domain. It’s worn as a necklace pendant and is made from surgical-grade stainless steel with inlaid clear crystals.

Any admirers would be none the wiser about the technology hidden inside, as it’s made to look like a traditional Italian jewelry piece. However, Morellato’s connected pendant offers more features than most smart jewelry pieces we’ve covered.

Like pretty much every wearable, the pendant connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and syncs with a companion app. When you receive an incoming call, text, email or social media notification, the pendant gently vibrates and a subtle LED aligned with the crystals lights up.


Morellato have taken their clever jewel a step further than the average “notification” wearable. It has multifunction button on the side which can be used to answer and hang-up incoming calls. Furthermore, a speaker and microphone built into the jewel allows you to use it to talk on the phone. This jewel is a tool for Plenty O’Toole..

Morellato’s pretty, heart-shaped wearable also has a “phone finding” feature, and it can be used to trigger your phone’s camera by pressing the multifunction button.

The Morellato smart jewel app is compatible with iOS and Android.  The battery needs to be charged approximately once a month, and takes around 5 hours to charge via a Micro-USB cable. To make sure the battery doesn’t run out unexpectedly, you can keep an eye on the battery indicator within the app.

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It wouldn’t be surprising to see this classy Italian wearable being worn by the next Bond girl..