The Oura Ring is an elegant smart jewelry accessory designed to help people to better understand their physiological, mental and emotional state and help to achieve better overall balance.


Although it’s only a ring, which means it’s obviously small, Oura is equipped with some pretty smart sensors. The smart ring offers most of the features that are driving wearable technology forward in 2015, such as laboratory level sleep monitoring, accurate activity tracking and heart rate monitoring. Oura utilises medical grade pulse-oximeters to assess blood volume pulse with high accuracy.

The Oura Ring’s companion app runs on iOS, and will be available to download free from App store, Oura can also function as a standalone device.


This tidy little wearable is not just pretty, but also solid! It’s constructed out of zirconium ceramics which is scratch-resistant and as hard as steel. It is also water-resistant up to 50 meters.

Oura has a battery life of around 3 days, and the box that it comes in is also its charging dock.


It will be available in US sizes 6-13, with glossy black, matte black and glossy white colour options

The Oura smart jewelry wellness accessory should be available from September 2015. Find out more by visiting