The incorporation of technology into new designs emerging from the world’s esteemed fashion houses is becoming a more familiar occurrence.

Smart jewelry has been slower to evolve than wearables such as smartwatches and fitness trackers, and considering the size of a ring compared to a watch it’s understandable. The challenges and limitations of working with tiny spaces to house components + battery, and creating a design pretty enough so people actually want to wear it hasn’t stopped the endeavors of pioneering minds striving to shrink wearable tech down to size and make it beautiful.

The latest addition to our smart jewelry catalogue comes from the California-based company Omate who have teamed up with the famous French fashion house Emanuel Ungaro. Omate are no strangers to creating fashion-forward wearable tech, with devices such as the Omate Lutetia and Omate X watches already on offer.

By teaming up with Ungaro, Omate are stepping into the elite world of fashion with their resulting product, the Ungaro Ring. Inspired by the iconic Diva Perfume design introduced by Ungaro in 1983, the sentiment behind the smart ring is to empower today’s women by keeping them connected to what matters the most.


The Ungaro ring is probably the most exclusive and expensive smart ring we’ve covered, but as far as functionality goes, it’s not the smartest. We’ve seen the likes of the Kerv NFC ring that will unlock doors in your house, the Oura ring that helps you to understand your emotions, and other smart jewelry accessories such as Miragii that projects texts onto your hand.

The Ungaro Ring is keeping things relatively simple, and it’s all about notifications. The ring uses Bluetooth LE to pair with a smartphone and vibrates when you receive an incoming call or text message, but not just any call or message. It’s probably safe to say the Ungaro Ring is the world’s most affectionate wearable as it will only notify you of messages from the one person who is most important to you.

As the smart ring only vibrates for your nearest and dearest, the battery lasts for 5 days from a single charge. The Ungaro Ring companion app will be iOS compatible upon launch with Android support following shortly after.

The Ungaro Ring is definitely more about prestige than technology, and with a target audience of fashion-forward women who wouldn’t live to be seen wearing a clunky gadget, the price which starts at starts at $500 and goes up to $2,000 makes sense.

The Ring comes with either 18 karat gold or silver plating and a choice of gemstones: Blue Toppaz, Opalite, Onyx, Sapphire and Ruby. It is assembled by the world’s leading fine jewelry makers, Richline, in Arezzo, Italy and will be available through their retail channels from November 2015.