It transforms your hand into a remote control..

Tapdo was one of our favorite devices at the Wearable Technology Show 2017, it also made an appearance at CES, MWC and CeBIT. Tapdo Technologies are currently running a Kickstarter campaign for their handy wearable. So far it has raised over 45% of its €45,000 funding goal.

The Tapdo wearable is designed to be the next-generation method of controlling apps and connected devices. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.2, and on board is an ARM Cortex M4F microcontroller with encryption module, a low current vibration motor and a fingerprint sensor.

tapdo wearable technology image

Tapdo allows you to scan the unique prints on all of your fingers, thumb and different parts of your hand. You can then assign each finger or hand part to control all sorts of media through the Tapdo app. You could use your index finger to play music, middle finger to snap a photo, that other weird finger to answer a call and your little finger to turn on the smart lights in your smart home, for instance. Over 20 different functions can be simultaneously assigned.

The Tapdo team say their wearable is perfect for smartphone power users, plus it conforms to the one-touch rule for using your phone while driving.

It can be worn as a wristband or clipped onto clothing for easy access. The versatile wearable uses a replaceable coin cell battery that will last around 6 months according to the team. No charging required.

The super early bird price of €99 is still available over at Kickstarter (at the time of writing). That’s 23% off the future retail price of €129. The estimated shipping date for Kickstarter backers is September 2017.





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