Danish startup SHFT have launched their next-generation smart running wearable on Kickstarter.

SHFT IQ is a wearable, virtual running coach which uses artificial intelligence to get you running faster, further, better and helps to prevent injuries.

SHFT IQ is designed for runners of any level, but particularly novice or intermediate runners who are looking to improve their technique without the need to hire a running coach. The SHFT IQ pod is worn around your chest or attached to your shoes.

smart running wearable SHFT IQ

Powering the water-resistant pod is the Intel Curie module with advanced motion tracking and low power consumption. Intel Curie is starting to make waves in the world of wearables, we recently covered the Xiaomi smart running shoes which also use the module.

The SHFT IQ wearable connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth LE. The SHFT IQ app for iOS and Android provides in-depth analysis of your runs with full-body metrics, 3D animations, coach reports and complete session stats.

The smart running wearable also offers real-time audio coaching. The onboard AI pattern recognition enables the pod to gather thousands of data readings each second and translate them into precise measurements, allowing the real-time coach to provide live feedback and training drills.

SHFT IQ app wearable tech running

SHFT reckon their new device is the most accurate running wearable available. The amount of metrics it provides is up there with the best, i.e Kinematix Tune. SHFT IQ tracks your distance, steps per minute, step length, ground contact time, time in the air, landing position, landing angle, toe take-off angle, G landing, brake effect, body angle, body bounce, running efficiency and Watt power output.

The next-gen smart running gadget is up for grabs over at Kickstarter (at the time of writing) with a super early bird price of $59 USD – down from the $109 retail price. The expected shipping date for Kickstarter backers is September 2017.




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