Update: The company behind this wearable has gone into administration..

London-based fashion label Vinaya have added to their line up of connected accessories with the new Altruis X smart bracelet.

There are ten variations to choose from in the Altruis X collection, including gold, silver, rose gold, and black colors with metal mesh, leather, and silicone bands to match. The technology concealed inside the connected ceramic stone allows you to tap the top of the bracelet to log and keep track of your habits and events.

The features offered by Altruis X focus on mindfulness: Instead of just counting steps, calories, and sleep – like most other wearables do, these smart bracelets allow you to see how your movement, sleep, and habits affect your wellbeing.

The Altruis X reflects Vinaya’s zen orientated qualities and is inspired by the importance of our real-life connection with ourselves and one another, in contrast to the incursion of digital noise that bombards us every minute in the form of smartphone notifications.


With the Altruis X bracelet, you can filter out the unwanted noise while leaving your phone out of sight. The bracelet will vibrate when you receive an incoming notification, but the Altruis X app enables you to choose which people and apps are most important to you, so only VIP notifications get through and buzz your wrist.

The bracelet connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth LE. Within the Altruis app there are meditation exercises, guided breathing exercises, and daily wellness tips, or insightful quotes.

Vinaya wrote on their blog: “We’ve learned a lot since launching ALTRUIS, our first generation of designer wearables, this time last year. We’ve dug deep into how our digital habits affect our bodies and minds”.

The connected bracelet is IPX7 – splashproof, and offers a battery life of up to 2 weeks. Altruis X is available to pre-order now over at Vinaya.com starting at $99 USD or £89 GBP.

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Update: The company behind this wearable has gone into administration..


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