Although the title says “Future Shoes “, the future has kind of arrived and some of these smart strides are actually available now.

Wearable tech hasn’t taken off as quickly as some optimistic analysts forecasted. It hasn’t become an overnight hit like the smartphone, but it’s here to stay and will become the norm over the coming years.

Wearables started out as clunky and chunky gadgets, but their ultimate destination is the integration with the very clothes we have been wearing since the days of chasing the Mammoth… i.e., jackets, shirts, pants, and in this case, shoes.

Future Shoes – Self-Lacing

Nike Mag

future shoes nike mag

No doubt the most famous futuristic footwear are the self-lacing Nike Mag. 1,500 pairs in 2011 and 89 pairs in 2016 were released in special auctions. One pair sold for over $104,000 in 2016.

Nike Hyperadapt

future shoes Nike HyperAdapt 1.0

Representing the future of Nike’s adaptive lacing technology, a limited batch of Hyperadapt 1.0 were released in December 2016 for a price of $720. Right now, they are virtually impossible to get hold of and Nike haven’t yet announced the next release.


future shoes digitsole smartshoe 001

Some bloggers have said they wouldn’t be seen dead wearing these space age kicks. That’s what my Grandad said about Nike Air Max back in the 90s.


future shoes powerlace

The Powerlace P-One are some pretty cool self-lacing sneakers, but seemingly not cool enough to achieve their Kickstarter goal after two campaigns.

Future Shoes – Spring-Loaded


shoes of the future enko

Enko provide shock absorption and extra power for runners. Available to order now for €359.

Adidas Springblade Drive 2


Designed for high-performance plus added spring and shock absorption, there are plenty of fakes out there though.

 Available Now

Reebok ATV 19

Reebok ATV 19 Ultimate running shoes future

Future shoes of the past. The Reebok ATV 19 seem to be more popular for kids than serious runners.

 Available Now

On Cloudsurfer


future shoes On Cloudsurfer

The On Cloudsurfer bring extra spring and shock absorption. Good for walking as well as running.

 Available Now


moonwalker gravity boots

The gravity-defying Moonwalker Boots have high-powered N45 magnets that create a layer of thin air under your feet.  The Boots hit their crowdfunding goal on Indiegogo back in February 2016.

Future Shoes – Street Wear


shiftwear sneakers wearable technology

The concept of Shiftwear gives us a good idea about the future of sneakers with their E-Paper flexible display and custom designs. Shiftwear smashed their crowdfunding goal on Indiegogo back in December 2015.


future sneakers KRAFTKA

The Kraftka web-based design platform allows you to create your own sneaker designs, as well as sell them to others. Find out more at

Future Shoes – Smart Sports

Under Armour Speedform Gemini Record Equipped

smart shoes armour speedform gemini 2

Smart shoes with embedded fitness tracking sensors, plus Under Armour’s fitness app ecosystem.

 Available Now


Kinematix Tune

Tune smart shoes running

Probably the most advanced wearable tech for runners, Kinematix TUNE makes your running shoes smart.. Very smart.

 Available Now

Under Armour Drive One

under armour drive one smart shoes

These connected kicks by Under Armour keep track of your movements around the golf course.

Lenovo Smart Shoes

future shoes lenovo smart

Hopefully we’ll know more about what the Lenovo smart strides can do sometime in 2017.

Future Shoes – Color-Changing

Volvorii Smart Shoe

Volvorii Smart Shoe of the future

The pattern-changing Volvorii smart shoes with their E-ink displays fell just short of their crowdfunding goal on Indiegogo back in 2015.

Color-Changing Nike Air Force One

color changing nike shoes

The color changing Nike Air Force One by John Geiger and The Shoe Surgeon are heat sensitive, but not easy to get hold of.

Future Shoes – Kinetic Energy


kinetic shoes solepower wearable technology

With the advent of wearable technology the demand for mobile power has increased, and batteries are struggling to keep pace. SolePower are aiming to solve this dilemma by way of the foot.

Future Shoes – Motorized Mobility

Acton Rocketskates

Acton R10 wearable tech

Not exactly shoes, but as they’re a very cool way of effortlessly travelling at 12 MPH and obviously worn on the feet, here are the Acton Rocketskates R10.

 Available Now


Future Shoes – Adaptive-Lacing

Hickies Laces

hickies laces wearable tech

Hickies adaptive laces are looking to put an end to the old-fashioned shoelace. Hickies smashed their second round crowdfunding goal on Kickstarter back in November 2016.

Future Shoes – For Performers


future shoes orphe wearable technology

Orphe connected footwear features motion tracking, sound triggering and more blingy stuff to help performers express their digital selves. Orphe achieved their crowdfunding goal on Indiegogo back in May 2015.

Cool Flash


These kicks are pretty Cool and they Flash to the beat. Their makers are good at design, but seemingly not so good at pointing people in the right direction to buy them.