The Sygnal fitness tracker t-shirt helps you comfortably navigate any route at the same time as keeping track of your fitness stats.

Sygnal is more than just a t- shirt. Its GPS navigation feature will easily guide you, hands free, to your location with gentle vibrations on your shoulders to indicate the direction of travel. Sync the t-shirt with the Sygnal app and it will help you reach your destination while simultaneously recording your activity.

sygna -fitness tracker t-shirt with gps

Smart clothing offers a seamless combination of ease of use, functionality, and style with the aim of improving people’s lives by integrating technology with commonly used clothes for everyday use. The Sygnal fitness tracker t-shirt is available in attractive sky blue and gray colors. It comes in various sizes, offering a comfortable fit.

Apparel with integrated tech is an ideal solution if you’d prefer your clothing to clock your steps and calories instead of wrist trackers such as Fitbit’s offerings. Wearing fitness trackers embedded into clothing to the office, for outdoor activities, or even at home is a practical way to constantly monitor activity. Take your smart garb to the gym and comfortably exercise without a tracker bouncing around your wrist while getting an equal or even greater amount of data about your workout.

When smart clothes such as the Sygnal t-shirt are paired with iOS or android through Bluetooth; using the Sygnal app, you can calculate your exact number of steps taken daily. When you want to increase your fitness by taking the stairs instead of the elevator, the t-shirt also tracks the number of floors you have climbed. It also tracks the number of calories burnt during all activities and encourages you to stay active; recording every small effort you make. The data collected by the sensors is synced with the app every 15 minutes.

Don’t worry about Sygnal getting dirty, sweaty, or smelly as it’s machine-washable. The smart t-shirt can be used for days at a stretch without needing a recharge. The battery lasts for up to 5 days. It has a Micro-USB port and is charged using the USB cable included in the package.

Sygnal Fitness tracker t-shirt wearable technology

The smart t-shirt is currently live (at the time of writing) on the Indian crowdfunding platform with an early bird price of $59 USD. The estimated shipping date is March – April 2017.