We are edging towards times when smart shoes with the ability to track our performance and activities become part of everyday apparel.

The ARION running wearable by ATO-Gear seriously impressed at London’s Wearable Technology Show in 2016 and now it’s available to pre-order with a shipping date of September 2017.

It’s fair to say ATO-GEAR are offering the most advanced consumer-level run tracking tech on Earth, with ARION. Especially since Kinematix TUNE – their main competitors – recently closed their company due to a* hole venture capitalist investors pulling out and leaving them in the sh*t. A real shame, because TUNE is/was a promising product.

Anyway, the ARION running wearable package consists of smart insoles with embedded sensors, and smart training pods which attach to your shoes and gather run data before sending it to the companion smartphone app for iOS and Android. ARION can be used with either one or two foot pods, and is also compatible with the Apple Watch and Android Wear watches as well as heart rate monitors from top brands such as Garmin, Suunto and Polar.

arion running wearable smart shoes smartwatch

ARION’s AI-powered platform provides audio and visual dynamic coaching in real-time from your smartphone or smartwatch, enabling you to make adjustments in form as you run.

Every need-to-know metric is accounted for with the high-tech running wearable. Keep track of your speed, pace, distance, duration, foot strike index, running power, cadence, pronation, vertical oscillation, flight time, and heart rate if you’re connected to a compatible HRM. ARION is also GPS-enabled so you can map your runs without taking a smartphone with you.

After running you can delve deep into your performance with the ARION dashboard which offers customized training plans and allows you to view your run history, compare runs, connect with other runners and coaches and get tips from pros. The ARION dashboard comes free-of-charge with no subscription fee.

arion running wearable technology

The smart insoles are ultra-thin and fit under your regular insoles. The connected training pods are water-resistant to accommodate running in the rain. ARION’s battery life is around 7 hours of run time, so you should be able to squeeze a couple of marathons in, if you’re frigging hardcore.

ARION is officially launching on MAY 23 2017 (tomorrow). If you head over to getarion.com today (before official launch) you can grab yours for a 40% discounted early access price of €149 (pro pack) and €89 (starter pack).





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