I was recently in the Street (shopping centre) in Bangkok playing John Wick Chronicles VR on the HTC Vive, among other titles. It’s friggin awesome, especially in manual load mode, although this takes some getting used to.

In the John Wick VR game you can sort of use your hands to pick stuff up by squeezing the trigger on the Vive controller. Squeezing basically opens and closes your virtual hands. It’s pretty cool, but it also presents a wide open space waiting to be filled by a peripheral such as the VRgluv, currently live on Kickstarter.

There are several VR gloves currently under development that mimic your mits in the virtual world, such as Manus VR and GloveOne , but the VRgluv offers something more than its soon-to-be competitors.

vrgluv vr glove

What makes the VRgluv stand out from other haptic feedback gloves is its patent pending Force Feedback technology which physically restricts hand and finger movement when your virtual hand comes in contact with a virtual object or surface. Basically this means you can feel the different shapes and sizes of VR objects and whether they are hard, soft, or somewhere in between.

This is made possible by the VRgluv’s multiple pressure sensors that provide real-time feedback about your grip strength, allowing virtual objects to behave differently depending on their properties.

The VRgluv is compatible with the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. It’s completely wireless and can be adjusted to fit pretty much any hand.

A special price of $369 USD is still available (at the time of writing) over at Kickstarter. The future retail price will be around $499 USD. The estimated shipping date for Kickstarter backers is December 2017.