The founders of Hickies are on a mission to change the way sneakers look and perform forever with their adaptive laces.

Over 3,000 Kickstarter backers helped to bring the Hickies adaptive laces to life back in 2012. Now, the Brooklyn-based startup are back on the crowdfunding platform with Hickies 2.0 featuring a more streamlined design and a new kids version.

The Hickies adaptive lacing system is described by its makers as “The evolution of shoelaces”. They are designed both to look good and optimize the fit of your shoes without the need to tug on your old laces.

After fastening the extremely cool laces you won’t need to tie them again. The laces work with any shoe and once installed you can easily get in and out of your footwear like slip-ons.

Hickies are made from a memory-fit elastomer that moves with the muscles in your feet, allowing your shoes to mold to every curve and arch which gives you greater feeling of your muscles moving in sync.

Hickies are based on the premise that focusing separately on the tension levels distributed to different ares of your shoe, results in your muscles having more freedom to move – ultimately resulting in higher performance for running and other sports, plus providing a greater level of comfort.


The laces connect to only two eyelets at a time to allow your shoes to adapt better to your unique foot shape than is achievable by regular shoelaces. They can be fitted horizontally or diagonally so you can find the optimal fit whether you have high arches or flat feet.

One-size-fits-all for adults and a new kids version is available. There are 9 colors currently on offer for adults, and 7 colors for kids. More colors will be coming in the future based on the feedback from a user survey.

The Hickies 2.0 adults pack comes with 14 units, the kid’s pack comes with 10; so you can mix and match the different colors and get coordinated with your garb.

According to their makers, the laces are durable enough to outlast your sneakers.

The early bird price of $14 USD is still available (at the time of writing) over at Kickstarter. Backers of the campaign should receive their laces in December 2016 – in time for Christmas.