Xiaomi smart running shoes will be released in April 2017. But only in China.

The Intel Curie-powered smart shoes will have a price tag of around 299 Yuan which converts to around $45 USD. But, they might never make it to the U.S market, if they do the price is likely to be higher.

It’s always interesting when a company known for consumer electronic products try their hand at apparel, in this case the result doesn’t look half bad. However, the shoe’s official name falls short of memorable with all of its 9 syllables. Xiaomi’s connected kicks are called: 90 Minutes Ultra Smart Sportswear.. Maybe it’s shorter in Chinese..

xiaomi smart running shoes wearables

The smart running shoes are capable of tracking your distance covered, average speed, calories burned. They automatically detect activities such as running, walking and climbing. The companion app provides insights into your activities at the end of your sessions and is compatible with iOS and Android.

The Intel Curie chip inside, not only makes the shoes smart but also allows them to run for up to 60 days before needing a recharge. Intel Curie is set to shake up the world of wearable tech by bringing advanced analysis to to all types of sports, such as Parkour, BMX and snowboarding in the near future.

The Xiaomi smart shoes are equipped with anti-skid features, air cushions, arch supporting soles and antibacterial insoles. They will be available in Black or Surf Blue colors for men, and Black or Pink colors for women. Special edition glow in the dark versions will also be available.





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