If you thought the Nike MAG Power Laces worn by McFly in Back to the Future II were cool you should check out the new Digitsole smart trainers. If McFly would have been wearing these, the future version of his psychotic arch-enemy would have been hunting the time traveller just to deprive him of his footwear.

I could also see Darth Vader whipping a bunch of Stormtroopers in a game of basketball wearing these..

Digitsole’s new Zhor Tech connected footwear were unveiled at CES a few days ago. Glagla, the French company behind the trainers are calling them the Smartshoe 001. They are still in the prototype stage but will apparently be launching in the Autumn of 2016.


The Smartshoe 001 brings me far more joy than the average biometric tracking wearable – basically because of their futuristic look and the fact that they have moving parts.. Yes moving parts! reminiscent to the Nike Mag sported by M J. Fox, the Smartshoe 001 has an auto-tightening mechanism hidden beneath the tongues that can be operated from the companion app.. Yeeee!

Darth Vader probably wouldn’t settle for auto-tightening only, he would surely want a light built into the front – it’s pretty dark in space.. Digitsole have got him covered.

It’s also pretty cold in space, so Darth would be even happier knowing that his kicks could warm his feet up.. Digitsole have got that covered, too.

Inside the Smartshoe 001 are the Warm Series insoles with a water-resistant built-in thermostat that can provide a temperature of 122°F. The temperature control is operated from the Digitsole app.


In the age of the Quantified Self, wearable tech wouldn’t quite cut the mustard unless there were some activity tracking features onboard. Luckily, the smart insoles also have the ability to log your steps, distance and calories burned thanks to a built-in accelerometer. There’s more! They will apparently measure your shock absorption, monitor wear-and-tear and advise you when they need replacing.

The space age kicks are simultaneously recharged wirelessly, but I’m a little confused about the battery life.

The Digitsole app is compatible with iOS and Android. They will apparently be ready to ship in Autumn 2016 with a price tag of $450.

Despite all that Darth Vader stuff I was rambling on about, the makers of Digitsole maintain their products are not gimmicks, but they epitomize the reality and practicality of future footwear.

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