The POWERLACE P-ONE shoe with automatic lace fastening is striving to be the first of its kind to be released to the consumer. Most of us have seen the 1989 movie ‘Back to the Future 2’ where McFly is fashioning a pair of auto-lacing Nike, and coincidentally that is set in the year 2015.

Nike are developing auto-lacing footwear as we speak, along with other smartshoe concepts. The Nike auto-lacing shoe is reportedly going to be available before the end of 2015.

So can the POWERLACE team get their product to market before the mighty Nike? Their recent Kickstarter campaign didn’t achieve its goal, although it did attract $97,319 CAD worth of funding, the pledged goal was a rather optimistic $650,000.

But crowdfunding websites are not the be all and end all of startups, and with a product such as POWERLACE which is sure to fly off the shelves (if they ever get there) an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign isn’t a major setback, and anyway, setbacks are all part of growing a business and they can sometimes make you even stronger.


So, the first POWERLACE shoe, the P-ONE, is pretty slick-looking it has to be said. The mechanism that tightens you up hands free has no motors and no battery as it relies on your bodyweight to activate it. To unlock the mechanism you just pull a small lever located at the back of the shoe.

POWERLACE auto lacing footwear is simple, effective and what geeks and non-geeks alike have been waiting for since 1989! How can you not love wearable technology?