Call them wearable technology, call them power shoes, it really doesn’t matter!! These are cooler than an Eskimo’s lip!

Shock abortion has been around in running shoes for eons! The systematics behind shock absorption (in theory) absorbs the energy of a runners down-step and then enhances the up-step by releasing the energy.

The Enko running shoe goes a step further by actually attaching coil spring shock absorbers onto the bottom of the shoe! The Enko shoe is still under development by the French runner Christian Freschi, he says he’s been working on the concept since 2002.


The mechanism on the shoe is pretty sweet and simple. When the weight of the runner is dispensed onto the heel, the shocks get compressed. Once transferring the weight onto the ball of the foot by striding forward, the shocks extend releasing the energy into the upstep. Along with giving the wearer additional thrust, the shocks also reduce impact stress which can potentially cause injury.

Depending on body weight, users can choose different coils which vary in tension. The coil tension can adjusted with a lever on the side of each shoe for either running or walking.

Attached to the bottom of the added sole are rubber studs, these studs can be replaced once they’ve worn down rather than the whole shoe becoming trash-bound.

Enko come in either white, black, red, green, purple, blue or yellow.

You can order a pair of Enko running shoes now for €359. Your shoes will be manufactured especially for your weight and size. Once an order has been placed, production and delivery time is 10 to 12 weeks. The shoes come with a set of 6 replacement studs and a key.