Samsung’s VR Live Pass will enable Gear VR owners to experience live streamed events through their headsets, including UFC, X Games and Live Nation.

Samsung are bringing live UFC fights to the Gear VR platform, starting with UFC 212 and Jose Aldo vs Max Holloway on June 3rd. The championship bout which is happening in Rio, Brazil marks a new era for fight fans as it’s the first time a UFC event will be live streamed in 3D video for virtual reality headsets.

Samsung Gear VR owners in 45 countries around the world will be able to experience the live action in immersive high-quality 360-degree video, the closest thing to actually being there in Rio’s Jeunesse Arena. Additional VR content will also be available, such as pre and post-event interviews and highlights. Did anyone mention the close up shots of the ring girls?

The UFC CEO, Lawrence Epstein said. “We’re excited to partner with Samsung on this game-changing initiative to further revolutionize how fight fans consume our content and live events around the world.”


VR Live Pass will also be bringing live access to X Games events, starting in Minneapolis on June 13th and Live Nation concerts, starting sometime in August with a yet to be announced artist.

GCVR (Computer Generated Virtual Reality) is on the rise, but it’s still in its infancy and costly to produce, whereas 360 video isn’t which means plenty of content is available. Samsung are looking to sell more VR headsets as well as stretch the boundaries of what their platform can do, and offering people a new way to view UFC fights and live concerts might be a good incentive for those who have never strapped on a VR headset to give it a shot.





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