The EverSleep wearable sleep coach from U.S firm Somno Health Inc provides a level of data analysis comparable to a sleep lab, except with a lot less of a dent in your bank account.

There are some pretty handy sleep monitors already on the market, both wearable and non-wearable, such as Beddit and smart band offerings from Fitbit, Jawbone and the likes, but the level of snooze data that Somno Health are claiming they’re bringing to the bedside table with the EverSleep wearable is unparalleled, unless you’re willing to fork out a grand or two for a session in a sleep lab.

EverSleep takes the same medical-grade technology used in sleep lab facilities and packs it into a small wireless and wearable package for home use. The device monitors your blood oxygen, heart rate, breathing patterns and disturbances, movement, and time of sleeping and waking. It’s the only wearable tech device to offer all of these features. It also features snore analysis and identifies insomnia which is apparently caused by disruptions in your breathing; and coaches you on how to combat it.

The advanced sleep coach aggregates forty complex measurements which are then correlated against your profile and the coaching technology then analyzes over five thousand combinations to deliver results specific to you, and to help you get a better night’s sleep. Which incidentally, is very important for your overall health.

The EverSleep package consists of a wrist band, finger sensor and cable sensors. It connects to a companion smartphone app for iOS and Android using Bluetooth 4.0 and is charged via Micro-USB.

The super sleep tracker is currently live on Indiegogo (at the time of writing) with prices starting at $119 USD for early bird backers – 40% off the future retail price. The estimated shipping date for Indiegogo backers is October 2017.