If you’re looking for the best smart cycle helmets to keep you connected on the road, you’re in the right place.

These connected skid lids offer features such as music playback and control, phone calls, voice navigation, heart rate monitoring, and more.

The Best Smart Cycle Helmets

Coros LINX

best smart cycle helmets coros linx

The Coros LINX enables cyclists to safely enjoy smartphone features, such as voice navigation and music while on the road. It uses open-ear Bone Conduction technology so you can listen to media without blocking out the sound of traffic.

The smart cycle helmet uses Bluetooth 4.0 to connect with your smartphone. Included in the package is a smart remote which is mounted on your handlebars. Features include music playback and control, voice navigation, ride data, and two-way calling thanks to a wind-resistant microphone.

The Coros LINX comes in two sizes and three color combos.

Battery Life

Around 10 hours of play/talk time.

App Compatibility

iOS and Android.




best smart cycle helmets lifebeam

The LifeLEAM continuously monitors your health, well-being, and performance as you ride. Stay safe and healthy on the road, while reaching optimum performance levels.

The smart helmet uses two operating modules: Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT + connectivity. Connect it to your smart phone, smart watch or computer. Features include measurement of heart rate, calorie output, sound and LED user interface and an advanced optical sensor. Non requirement of a HRM chest strap means you can keep track of your BPM in comfort. Continue with your daily routine, rain or shine, as it seamlessly works under all weather conditions.

The LifeBEAM comes in two sizes: medium and large and one color: white.

Battery Life

Around 15 hours.

App Compatibility

iOS and Android.


Livall BH100 Bling

best smart cycle helmets livall bling

The Livall BH 100 is a combination of tough and smart. One of the best ever tech savvy inventions for cyclists, this helmet looks good, it’s multifunctional and feature rich with an automatic SOS Alert that increases rider safety.

The connected crash hat uses Bluetooth 4.0 to seamlessly sync with smart phones. Features include built-in Bluetooth speaker, built-in microphone, walkie-talkie style communication with other Livall users, camera, heart rate monitor, air vents to provide optimal air flow, and high visibility tail lights. It has a bling remote control mounted on the handlebars with easy one thumb control.

The Livall BH100 Bling is available in four color combos.

Battery Life

Around 360 hours on standby, 20 hours on full use.

App Compatibility

iOS and Android.



best smart cycle helmet lumos

The Lumos brings a fine combination of technology, design, and usability. This award-winning bike helmet has bright white LEDs at the front, and bright red LEDS at the rear to provide safety and visibility, making it a top choice for cycling on city roads.

The smart cycle helmet uses Bluetooth to connect with your smartphone. The left and right turn signals can be activated using a small water-resistant wireless remote fitted on your handle bars. Automatic warning lights turn bright red when you slow down, increasing your visibility to following traffic. It includes a rechargeable battery and is weather proof.

The Lumos is available in standard adult size and three attractive color combos: charcoal black, pearl white and cobalt blue.

Battery Life

A recharge gives about 30 minutes usage per day for a week.

App Compatibility

iOS and Android.

$169 USD.



best smart cycle helmets phipal

Attach the PhiPal on to any helmet and ride safely into the unknown with the small and powerful mounted to your nugget. In normal activity mode, PhiPal provides fun and useful data to improve performance and to share with friends; however, its use in emergencies makes it an ideal addition when you cycle outdoors.

The smart skid lid features an activity monitor that senses confusion or unconsciousness when an accident occurs. Using a smart phone’s data connectivity, it automatically alerts team mates or safety/first response teams. It will pinpoint the user’s exact location. Features include built-in GPS, accident recognition and emergency sms. The bread crumb mode leaves a trail of your activity, making it easy for people to follow your tracks.

The PhiPal Pro is linked via satellite, always keeping you connected if you go off grid or have no cell phone connectivity.

The PhiPal is available in two models: PhiPal (basic version) and PhiPal Pro (professional version).

Battery Life

Two onboard batteries – one for activity mode and one backup for emergency SOS alerts. 3 – 4 days standby; 2 – 4 days SOS; 100 – 200 texts.

App Compatibility

iOS and Android.

$149 – Phipal / $299 – Phipal Pro.



classon smart helmet

The Classon guides you towards making better decisions while traveling on congested urban roads loaded with cars and other heavy-duty vehicles. Front and back cameras constantly scan the surrounding environment, making your ride safer and better.

The smart bike helmet has many features including intuitive turn lights, guided navigation, live stream video, up to 6 hours of video storage, lock opening and an excellent venting system.

The Classon comes in three sizes and five colors.

Battery Life

Up to 3 hours continuous use.

App Compatibility

iOS and Android.


Airwheel C5

air wheel c5 smart cycling helmet

The Airwheel C5 records both audio and video images with a high-resolution camera and wide-angle lens. Comfortably cycle towards your next outdoor adventure and capture every moment, wearing this well ventilated, feature-packed helmet.

The smart lid can be connected with both Bluetooth and Wifi. There is a special app for sharing images and videos online. Listen to music on the Bluetooth speaker and answer phone calls with a single click of a button.

Battery Life

Up to 3 hours of recording time.

App Compatibility

iOS and Android.

£99 GBP.



Morpher – Folding Helmet

morpher folding helmet

The Morpher is a folding helmet designed for safety and portability alike. It weighs around 250 grams and seamlessly flattens, making it easy to carry in your handbag, laptop case, or backpack.

The folding helmet is strong, durable, rigid, and tough enough to protect your nut, yet is lighter than the average skid lid.

The innovative Morpher and its components are recyclable. It flattens for convenience, while meeting all relevant safety standards, making it handy for both long and short cycle trips.


Samsung Ahead Helmet – Coming Soon

samsung ahead helmet

Samsung is developing a triangular communication device that can be magnetically attached to helmets. This small, yet smart device will keep cyclists on the go, as well as entertained and connected.

The smart cycle helmet uses Bluetooth to connect with your smartphone: enabling cyclists to take and make calls, listen to music and receive voice notifications.

This device is called Samsung Ahead and will likely be launched in 2017.

App Compatibility





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