New York-based Shiftwear are a group of visionary entrepreneurs with eyes focused on the fashion tech industry. They are currently taking pre-orders on indiegogo for their ShiftWear Classic sneakers which have the ability to display static designs and animations straight from your smartphone or tablet on a HD, color E-paper display embedded into the sneakers.

So far the ShiftWear indiegogo campaign has achieved $355,804 USD out of a $25,000 flexible goal with 14 days still left to run – so it’s safe to say they smashed it..

ShiftWear are on a mission to rattle the world of fashion and technology. Up until now, the major names have been in charge of what designs we wear on our feet. ShiftWear intend to change that by enabling wearers to choose and change designs through a connected app.


The ShifWear display is bendable and waterproof – two definite necessities for gadgets worn on your feet. Wearers can transfer static designs, animations and photos from a smartphone or tablet to the always-on HD, color E-paper display in seconds. You can either use your own designs or access the online ecosystem and download designs from other users and pro artists.


In direct sunlight the designs and colors on the ShiftWear Classics appear the same as designs on regular sneakers. The same applies to darkness, i.e, you won’t see anything, again just like a regular sneaker – although there is a mention of an available backlight which can be turned on to light the sneakers up in the dark.


The ShiftWear Classics come in three styles: L1 low-top, M1 medium-top, or H1 high-top. The sneakers are built to last with soles coated with Kevlar fibers – bringing a new meaning to “not getting shot in the foot”. There is a variety of base color schemes which can be specified upon ordering, along with size preference.



Yes! According to ShiftWear, their sneakers are waterproof up to 5 meters and machine washable.


The sneakers can be charged using two methods. There’s the old-fashioned wireless charging, but as we’re talking about wearable technology that’s worn on your feet, kinetic energy generated by walking fits the bill. The ShiftWear Classics are equipped with flexible electronics that charge the batteries with every step you take: Walk to Charge Technology.

The changing of designs, and animations will weigh heavier on the battery, but if your design is static the sneakers will consume virtually no power and the design will remain the same until you change it.


The Companion app will be available for iOS, Android and Wndows Phone. Within the app you can create, share, download and customize designs from other users. The ShifWear app is essentially a design studio and social network rolled into one. Furthermore, if you are a talented designer, street artist, etc, you can sell your designs through the app to other users… Cool.


Discount prices are still up for grabs through the indiegogo campaign: $150 USD for the L1 sneakers, $250 for the L2 and $350 for the L3 – all with $50 off the full retail price. There’s also a limited edition M1 Classic available for $1,000.

Release Date

ShiftWear are aiming to start shipping in Fall 2016.