The next generation of Under Armour smart running shoes have been unveiled and will be on show at CES next month.

As a successor to the UA Speedform Gemini 2 RE (Record Equipped), the latest connected kicks come in three style variations under the titles Speedform Gemini 3 RE, Speedform Europa RE, and Speedform Velocity RE. As well as being connected, the new strides offer the qualities of  UA’s non-connected footwear, such as minimal foot fatigue, a tight fit, and good looks.

They are fitted with the same smart, coin-sized chip with built-in sensors to keep track of your running stats, including pace, cadence, distance covered, calories burned, and run duration.

UA SpeedForm Gemini 3 RE ($159.99 USD)


If you want to get real-time data, GPS tracking, routes, and more you can take your smartphone for a run and use the SpeedForm 3 RE with the UA MapMyRun app. If you’re not into running with your phone, then just sync the shoes to your phone over Bluetooth and review your stats in the app after your run. As well as tracking outdoor runs, the new UA Speedform 3 RE also track indoor treadmill sessions.

In addition to automatic tracking capabilities, the UA smart shoes combined with MapMyRun and UA Record offer new features that will arm runners with insights into their muscular fatigue prior to working out and provide digital tools for helping to understand recovery.

UA SpeedForm Europa RE ($159.99 USD)


The new Under Armour smart running shoes automatically recognize when you start running, and begin tracking when you exceed a speed of 11 minutes per mile. They also sense when you’re no longer running so no battery power is wasted.

Like their predecessors, the UA Speedform 3 RE have a battery that can last up to 3 years and never needs charging. There’s also a feature that lets you know when you’ve run 400 miles and recommends replacing the shoes – probably not the greatest feature.

UA SpeedForm Velociti RE ($139.99 USD)


Lastly, the kicks are water-resistant enough so the tech inside will survive a run in the rain + puddles, and they work with iOS and Android.

Under Armour’s new smart running shoes will be available to pre-order from from January 5 2017. Purchases also include a yearly MVP subscription to MapMyRun with training plans, audio coaching, live tracking and more.





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