To celebrate Back to the Future day, the first pair of 2015 Nike MAG Power Laces were delivered to the original wearer, Michael J. Fox. The star of the best time travel film ever demonstrated the world’s most recognizable wearable technology on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

M J. Fox demonstrated how the MAGs loosen and tighten the “power laces” by holding buttons on the side of the sneakers.

Nike expressed their MAG intentions back in January, and their hopes to release a real version of the self-lacing sneakers before the end of 2015. Just in case you’ve recently moved to Earth from Mars, Back to the Future day is: 4:29 pm / October 21st / 2015 – the day that Marty, the Doc and Jennifer arrived in the Future to try to save McFly junior from a jail sentence.

Waiting until Back to the Future day to present Michael J. Fox with the fully functioning MAG sneakers was a nice touch by Nike. The 2015 MAGs will be released as a limited edition available only via auction with all proceeds going to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research – another nice touch..

News of the auction will be posted on the Nike News website and via Twitter in Spring 2016.