Some might consider the infamous Google Glass to be among the all time greatest tech fails. They were, no doubt the greatest wearable tech fail to date, but for the wearable tech industry on the whole they were quite the opposite, after all “any press is good press”, and Google’s computer glasses certainly received a ton of press. The day before Google Glass hit mainstream news channels around the globe, most people had never heard of wearable technology.

Apart from a $1,500 price tag, overheating issues, a crap battery life and some other technical issues, most of the negative feedback was about the camera function and people not wanting to be filmed. It seems Google Glass presented the wearables industry with another favor by breaking the ice in the subject of camera glasses. I say this because now four years on it seems people have got used to the idea, evident by the advent of Snapchat’s camera-enabled Spectacles which have had a much smoother ride than Google Glass in the public eye.

Since Google closed the Explorer program and seemingly pulled their smart glasses from the clutches of existence, rumors have been periodically popping up about a possible Glass renaissance under appellations such as Project Aura, Glass 2.0, and Enterprise. All the while Google have been displaying an upbeat message on the Glass that says “Thanks for exploring with us, the journey doesn’t end here”.

Why would it end? After all, they already have the advantage of being the most famous smart glasses on Earth..

Google Glass Updates

A few days ago, Google announced two Glass updates. Whether they are just trying to appease the enmity of those who forked out a load of money for the connected eyewear, or it means a genuine resurrection, remains to be seen. It’s unusual for any device to receive an update after nearly three years of slumber, but nevertheless, a XE23 firmware update and MyGlass app update enables the latest model of Glass to be paired with Bluetooth input devices such as keyboards and mouse.

There’s no doubt that smart glasses in one form or another will be a part of the wearable tech landscape in the future, and the world works in strange ways. i.e. what was crap yesterday may be great tomorrow. Skoda, for example..




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