The Zero Wearables smart baseball cap is live on Kickstarter.

Some wearable tech startups are incorporating flexible digital displays into clothing, giving them the ability to change colors and patterns and display images. One of those startups is Zero Wearables who are currently running a Kickstarter campaign for their smart baseball cap. Another startup “blingin” their garb into the 21st century using digital displays is Shiftwear with their smart sneakers.

Zero Wearables’ connected cap is the result of two and a half years of graft and the belief that baseball caps on the whole could do with a techie pimp out.

ZW said “We created Zero Wearables because we were tired of having to buy multiple hats to change the logo”… 🙂

The ZW Hat is activated by pressing a button inside the crown, or alternatively by using the ZW app. Built into the front is a 4-inch 400 x 240 black and white E-ink flexible display. It’s being coined as HD and legible in sunlight.

smart baseball cap ZW wearable technology

Integrated into the ZW Hat is a patent pending, custom ZW chipset. The hat’s display is controlled via the companion ZW app for iOS and Android. It allows you to display images, photos and logos. You can either upload your own images, use images designed by other users, or choose from Zero Wearables’ library of licensed content.

Multiple images can be selected for display in rotation, and you can control the rotation speed and the order in which the images appear. If you’re prone to misplacing your hats, you might be pleased to know there’s also a Find My Hat feature.

The ZW smart hat weighs 4 ounces. It comes in three colors: black, melon grey, and camo. It uses a replaceable coin cell battery that apparently lasts up to 6 months – no charging required.

Lastly, according to its makers, the smart cap is water-resistant, so your brain won’t fry if it rains. On that note, ZW recommend their cap is worn by people of 15 years or older, and they claim to have certifications from the CE, FCC and BLE.

Early bird prices over at Kickstarter are $99 USD – down from the retail price of $129. The estimated shipping date for backers is August 2017.



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