The LiLu designer handbag bounces to the rhythm and gives a whole new meaning to the term “evening bag”..

Are LED accessories the new fashion trend? New York-based Gregory Futureson, dubbed Digital Punk and founder of LiLu New York reckons so.

After raving at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival, one of the top gatherings in the world for electronic music and djs, the Digital Punk came away thinking some right-brain input was need to modify the crowd’s apparel.

The visuals and Vj sets in the festival are insane enough, but if the crowd were lighting up in sync with the music as well, it might just unhinge the atmosphere even more. Thus, the idea for LiLu was born.

LiLu is a smart handbag designed for the rave and party side of the Fashion Tech scene. LiLu is equipped with multicolor LEDs and interactive technology that hears the music and makes the bag dance in time with the beat with cool light shows and patterns.


Like any true raver the LEDs that make the smart handbag dance are nocturnal. During the day LiLu looks like a stylish handbag, until the sun goes down and the EDM kicks in.

LiLu is made from high-quality materials with a matte black finish which is perfectly contrasted at night by the neon display. LiLu is built to last; the LED panel is flexible, water-resistant and is protected by a metal mesh which also adds style to bag’s finish.

The smart handbag is designed with minimal size and thickness, so it won’t get in your way while doing your thing after dark.

The bag connects via Bluetooth to the iOS and Android compatible LiLu app which gives you control over the functions, such as turning the LED on or off, tuning up the sensitivity and checking the battery status.


The battery should have you covered for an all-nighter as it lasts for up to 10 hours. It can be charged at home or in your car using a Mini USB cable.

The BPM sensing bag is now available to pre-order from Indiegogo. Super early bird backers can pick one up for $99 USD with an estimated shipping date of December 2016. When LiLu hits retail it will be selling for around $129 USD.






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