Heaket is the latest heated jacket to hit our radar. Currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, Heaket has raised $28,180 USD, easily surpassing the $10,000 goal with the campaign still having 22 days left.

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Meltpartners Outdoors, the Shenzhen-based creators of the heated jacket are looking to gain the edge over the competition by fashioning Heaket as a soft shell instead of a puffer jacket; there’s nothing wrong with puffers, but soft shells are leaner and suit a wider range of environments – as long as they keep you warm, that is. Heaket is also wind and waterproof – more kudos over its rivals.

Heaket is made from a specially designed carbon-based soft warming fabric that offers flexibility and durability. The heating wire sewn into the panels is 100-percent waterproof, which means you can wash the jacket.

The jackets have detachable hoods and come in women’s and men’s styles/sizes, and pink, blue or black colors.

Heaket heated jacket wearable technology

Heaket is being coined as ideal for winter sports and outdoor activities. As it’s a soft shell, thus thinner and less restrictive than the average outdoor jacket, it might attract the attention of outdoor athletes who could do with more freedom to move around during training. Of course, you don’t have to be into outdoor sports to benefit from a heated jacket, especially if you live in an igloo..

The jacket’s three battery-powered heated panels, one at the back and two at front – can keep you warm from 2 to 6 hours between charges – depending on how much heat is needed. A backup battery is also available so it can be swapped on the move.

Heaket has four heating zones and a temperature range of 25°c to 55°c (77°f to 131°f). According its makers, once you activate the heating system, you can start feeling the warmth in just three seconds. The heating system isn’t controlled via a smartphone app; instead Heaket keeps things simple by using a small, dedicated control unit that lives inside one of the pockets.

Heaket heated jacket controller

If you’re looking to keep warm, stay dry, loose the layers, and look good in harsh conditions then head over to Indiegogo and grab some discount on the Heaket heated jacket. Early bird prices of $119 USD are still available (at the time of writing). The retail price will be $249 USD – so that’s 52% discount. The estimated shipping date for Indiegogo backers is March 2017.