Expressing love through wearable technology, this smart bracelet is aiming to put an end to distance decreasing the frequency of touch.

Created by Dutch startup, House of Haptics, the Hey bracelet is the first wearable to mimic human touch over long distances. The bracelet brings a new meaning to the term “love technology” (if there is such a term) by keeping you connected you to your beloved with a simple touch, the universal language of affection.

Two bracelets are paired together over any distance via Bluetooth LE and the Hey app. When you squeeze or touch the bracelet, your connected loved one will know you’re thinking about them, no matter how much distance is between you, as the squeezing mechanism in their bracelet gently tightens, mimicking the natural feeling of human touch. Each little squeeze is directly transmitted to reach the other bracelet in real-time.

hey smart bracelet love technology

The Hey package contains two bracelets, two chargers, and two manuals, and come in separate boxes. According to House of Haptics, the battery can last up to 3 weeks with a single recharge of 30 minutes.

The Hey app not only connects you physically but can also keep track of your love stats, such as the distance between you, or the last time you were together. These and other features, which are still under development can be turned on or off according to your preferences.

The Hey bracelets are connected securely and privately through HiDashHi’s ‘App of Things’ – an app which connects all kinds of smart devices and services. The App of Things and the Hey app are compatible with iOS and Android.

This interactive bracelet is not just functional but is also pretty stylish and apparently comfortable to wear and weather proof.

Kickstarter prices start from €83 or more, which is a 30% discount of the retail price of €120. Backers can receive these bracelets around August 2017. Shipping will be available worldwide.