CES, the biggest tech show in the west, and stage for some pretty weird wearables and gizmos to showcase the capacious imaginations of their creators.

Basslet isn’t the weirdest wearable gadget out there, but it was on show at CES and it’s treading a different track to the one heavily beaten by biometric wearables.

Basslet could be mistaken for a watch at a distance, but zoom in and all you’ll see is blank face. The basis for the Basslet is basically about bass… Feelin the bass and not just hearing it.

basslet wearable technology

Taking up around half the space inside the Basslet wearable is a proprietary, LoSound haptic engine with a 10 Hz – 250 Hz frequency response. The haptic engine syncs with varying intensity and ultra-low latency to your basslines, kickdrums, and any sound within the frequency range.

Along with adding a whole new meaning to “feelin the bass”, the Basslet wearable offers some practical uses, e.g. it could potentially replace a drummers metronome. It could also potentially give music producers a new angle from which they can experience the levels of their basses and kicks in relation to each other. Potentially good for mixing and mastering, as well.


Djs generally use automatic beat matching software, these days, but for any traditionalist djs who still like to manually match beats, then Basslet could potentially add a few years to the life expectancy of your eardrums… i.e. you won’t need to have your headphone volume on full blast and pressed hard against your ear to hear the beat of the tune you’re mixing in when you’re playing in a really friggin loud club.

The pulsating wearable can also be used with other media such as movies or gaming if you want to get a tactile sense of those mighty explosions. Using haptic feedback to add the sense of touch to enhance the immersive experience of virtual reality is on the rise, and Basslet qualifies.

Basslet is plug and play device, so there’s no app to configure or account to create. Simply use the included Small Sender adaptor to wirelessly connect to any device with a 3.5mm jack.

The Basslet’s battery lasts for around 6 hours of thump time. It’s charged via a USB – Micro-USB cable and charges up in under an hour.

Lofelt, the Berlin-based startup behind the Basslet, are already feelin much love as well as bass. They ran a Kickstarter campaign in June 2016 and smashed their €50,000 funding goal; raising €599,950.

You can pre-order the Basslet for $179 over at Lofelt.com




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