Polar have added to their wearable tech line up with a new Polar Loop fitness tracker with a touch of Swarovski style.

The collaboration between fitness tech specialists Polar, and luxury crystal jewelry specialists Swarovski echos partnerships such as Fitbit /Tory Burch and Misfit/Swarovski. These partnerships are uniting fashion, jewelry and technology, resulting in chic, distinctive wearable tech accessories that look good enough to compliment your favorite outfits at the same time as counting your steps taken, calories burned, monitoring sleep and delivering smart notifications.

Slotting into the brand new genres of Smart Jewelry and Fashion Tech, The Polar Loop Crystal is embossed with 30 Swarovski stones which are positioned along the stainless steel edge at either side of the devices’s LED display. It doesn’t weigh much, just 38 grams with a thickness of 10.8mm and a width of 20mm. The band is made of soft silicone with a stainless steel buckle.


The device is essentially a swanked up version of the popular Polar Loop 2. When paired to a smatphone it will vibrate and display smart notifications for incoming calls, text messages and calendar reminders.

It provides all of the Quantified Self essentials: Steps, distance, calories, and for monitoring your BPM there’s the option to easily pair the Loop with a Polar H6 or H7 heart rate chest strap. You can set daily fitness goals with practical guidance from the Polar Flow app and get recommendations on how to get in shape from the Polar Smart Coaching feature.

Being paired to a HRM is the best way to get the most out of the Smart Coach!

The Polar Loop 2/Crystal also features automatic sleep monitoring and an inactivity alert that vibrates when you’ve been sitting down for 55 minutes. It has a pretty decent battery life, lasting around 3 days with 24 hour activity tracking and smart notifications enabled, and up to 8 days with smart notifications switched off.


The Polar Loop 2 has a water-resistance rating of WR20, which means it should (on paper) be ok to take in the pool, but it hasn’t got any dedicated features for swimming, so I probably wouldn’t bother?  For the New Polar Loop Crystal it says “Splashproof” on Polar’s website – doesn’t sound like it’s suitable for the pool. We did speak to Polar about the water-resistance and they said the new Loop Crystal is just as waterproof as the regular Loop 2.

The Polar Flow app is compatible with iOS and Android. Within the app you can enjoy social and shared workout features. Your Polar dashboard can also be accessed via desktop/laptop.

The Polar Loop 2 has only been on sale since July 2015 so it’s a very new device. The Polar Loop Crystal is a great gift for fashion-forward women with an eye on activity tracking. It is available now from Polar.com for $159.95 USD

 Polar Loop Crystal

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