Update: The company behind this wearable has gone into administration..

Vinaya is a new name in the fashion tech sector. Today they have started taking pre-orders for their first product, a smart jewelry accessory called Altruis.

London-based Vinaya, formerly known as Kovert Designs have been refining their debut wearable for the past year. We first covered the high-tech fashion accessory back in January, since then it has received software and hardware tweaks and has now been introduced as a consumer-ready product along with the company’s new identity.

The sentiment behind Altruis smart jewelry stems from the company’s CEO Kate Unsworth recognizing her smartphone-addicted lifestyle combined with an always-on corporate job was affecting her ability to be empathic and present. After disconnecting from her metro-digital lifestyle for a couple of weeks the seed of Altruis was planted and a mission to re-balance her physical and digital lives began.


We need a little space in any relationship. Altruis is designed to improve your relationship with your smartphone by creating a little space between you, at the same time as having the look of a premium jewelry accessory.

Altruis is a gemstone made of zirconia ceramic, the closest thing gemologically to diamond. The stone comes in black or white and is embedded with the latest Bluetooth LE technology and a vibration motor.

The stone is modular and can be interchanged between a ring, bracelet or necklace. Coined the Cleopatra Collection, this range of accessories consists of four-color combinations: Rose Gold & White, Silver & White, Silver & Black, and Gold & Black. The Cleopatra ring, bracelet and necklace were designed in the Vinaya studio in London, then handcrafted from sterling silver and plated in either gold, rose gold or platinum.


Alturis comes with a companion app for iOS. When you receive an incoming call, text, email, Whatsapp or calendar notification the stone will discretely vibrate. You can create different profiles, such as “Family” or “Work” and customize which type of notification makes the stone vibrate.

You can also customize Atruis to vibrate only when the VIPs in your life are getting touch so you know if an incoming is worthy of your attention in certain situations, such as at dinner or during a meeting. Another cool feature involves secrets words which can be added to the app, then if a text, email or social alert includes the word/s the stone will give you a gentle buzz.


Altruis is charged via USB and has a battery life of around 1 month according to its makers. The charging pins are housed around a base of polished plastic to keep the accessory moderately water-resistant, so it will withstand a mild splashing. The Altruis companion app is compatible with iOS / iPhone 4S or higher.

Vinaya are now taking pre-orders for the Altruis stone and Cleopatra Collection. Prices start at £275 ($345 USD) with free shipping worldwide. Vinaya say they will be shipping in time for Christmas.

Update: The company behind this wearable has gone into administration..