The Misfit shine is one of the best-selling fitness trackers, and for good reason as it’s an elegant little wearable, lightweight, waterproof, user-friendly, it has the essential Quantified Self features including automatic sleep monitoring, and it doesn’t do much damage on your pocket (cheap).. There are also plenty of accessories to spice up your Shine, such as the Swarovski collection.

Today Misfit unveiled their new flagship fitness tracker, the Misfit Shine 2. This comes just days after the company announced they have created a new algorithm that makes the original Shine more sensitive to the touch without compromising the 6 month battery life. Also, it’s just a few months after the release of the swim orientated Speedo Shine.

The Misfit Shine 2 comes with the tagline “Thinner. Stronger. Smarter”

The new fitness tracker hasn’t changed much in terms of design. It’s slightly thinner than the original and the twelve LEDs can now display different colors with a possible 6 million variations. It also comes with the Sport Band Action Clip found on the Speedo Shine.

The new algorithm that was announced a few days ago means the Shine 2 is 50 percent more responsive to taps. IFTTT integration means you can connect Misfit to different apps, start and stop your playlist and control your smartphone’s camera.


Also added to the feature set is a vibration motor which works as an alarm as well as notifying you of incoming calls and text messages on your smartphone. The Bluetooth has also been upgraded, now at 4.1 it allows for faster connection and a longer range.

One of the best things about the Misfit Shine is the 6 month battery life. Despite the added features the Shine 2 brings, the battery life is still the same.

The Original Shine has seen plenty of updates since its release and still holds its own, but the new thinner and smarter Shine 2 will be waiting when you decide to upgrade.

The Misfit App is compatible with iOS 7 + / Android 4.3 + / Windows 8.1 +. The Misfit Link app is compatible iOS 8.0 + / Android 4.3 + / Windows 10 + (BLE devices). The Shine 2 comes in Carbon Black or Rose Gold and is available to buy now from the Misfit Official Website for $99.99. It will be available from retailers November 1st.

 Misfit Shine 2

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