Swiss startup, Sequent Ltd are currently live on Kickstarter with their new hybrid smartwatch which harnesses energy from the human body to keep it powered up.

The Sequent hybrid smartwatch has already raised over 357,000 Swiss Francs, easily surpassing its 80,000 goal with 26 days still left in the campaign. So it’s safe to say the idea of a self-charging hybrid watch is popular.

Based on traditional Swiss automatic movement, the watch uses a patent pending charging system that transforms kinetic energy generated by movement into power to keep it charged up.

sequent hybrid smartwatch image 2

It goes without saying that the more you move, the more charge the watch will have. There are a few different charts on the Kickstarter page showing the battery estimates in relation to the user’s activity levels. With 40 minutes of sport every day, Sequent claim their hybrid watch will have enough power to utilize the ambitious feature set.

I say ambitious because onboard the watch is a heart rate monitor, GPS, and smart notifications – three features that are battery hungry. It also features all-day activity and sleep tracking and of course, the time.

The Sequent watch uses Bluetooth 4.0 to connect with iOS and Android devices and what looks like a pretty decent app. It is water-resistant up to 50 meters and comes in a range of color combos with subtle accents and Horween Leather, FKM rubber, and Cordura fabric, quick-release straps.

sequent hybrid watch app

Companies have been exploring the possibilities of kinetic charging with wearables for a while. We have already seen the likes of the element1 smartwatch, Matrix Powerwatch, and Armil Bracelet by Christophe & Co and Pininfarina.

All the Kickstarter super early prices of 149 Swiss Francs have been snapped up, but the Early bird price of 189 is still available (at the time of writing). The future retail price for the Sequent hybrid smartwatch will be a pretty pricey 438 Swiss Francs which is around $450 USD.





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