SenStone, a Ukrainian wearable tech startup were showing off their new smart jewel at Techcrunch Disrupt earlier this month.

The SenStone smart jewel is essentially a wearable voice recorder in the form of attractive gem with a fashion-centric design to go with pretty much any outfit; from business to casual garb.

In addition to looking good, SenStone offers a cheerful and efficient way to record your voice notes using voice-to-text technology, and an innovative method of automatically organizing them in the companion app.

The connected gem pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth and instantly sends your voice notes to the app. Just in case you haven’t got your phone with you; SenStone has built-in memory so it can still be used without being connected. Then, when it finds the Bluetooth signal your voice data will be automatically sent to the app.

The SenStone app is compatible with iOS and Android. After translating your voice notes into text, the app allows you to edit and add them to categories, such as Goals, To-do-list, Idea diary, and Shopping. You can also create custom categories, create reminders and send your notes via email or post them on social media networks.


SenStone claim their voice-to-text recognition has an accuracy rate of 97 percent, which is probably about 17 percent more accurate than using those fingers on your smartphone’s little keyboard.

The smart jewel can be worn as a bracelet, brooch or necklace pendant, with more accessories coming in the future.

Wearable technology is still finding its feet, with developers still trying to work out what the most useful functions are that a wearable can offer. Activity tracking is no doubt the driving force behind the wearables industry at the moment, with smartphone notifications (calls, text, emails, etc) next in line.

I can certainly see the usefulness in SenStone. Voice-to-text isn’t new, but applying it to a fashionable wearable means you don’t need to reach for your smartphone if you want to log an appointment or a great idea just by using your voice.

We’re not sure when will the voice-to-text smart jewelry be available, and how much will it cost, yet.