I have to admit that it’s quite refreshing covering wearable tech that doesn’t involve counting steps and tracking heart rate. Don’t get me wrong, UrbanWearables is a fan of fitness trackers, but a device like the Remidi T8 wearable midi controller is far more tantalizing for our technical tastebuds.

If you’re into music production or DJing, I have no doubt that you’d want to hear about the Remidi T8 glove. I’ve been imagining a product like the T8 glove since I first got into EDM production around ten years ago. Unfortunately for me I’m only average at producing tracks despite my best efforts to make the transition from DJ to full-time producer. I haven’t given up tho..

That’s not the case for the Remidi CEO and founder Andrea Baldereschi whose track “Swahili Song” spent 12 days ranked number 1 on Beatport in 2009. He knows how to produce top-notch tracks and he knows what tools are needed to produce them – so he came up with the Remidi T8 glove… Some dudes are just too damn good at everything..


The T8 glove is essentially a sensor-packed wireless midi controller that allows you to trigger sounds, effects, create sequences and more by tapping any surface and using hand gestures. It also has an Air Modulation feature to bring motion to your sound, and features polyphonic aftertouch so you can fully express each key.

The T8 Glove works with any DAW or application that uses MIDI, on a device that supports Bluetooth – basically it will work with just about any setup.

In the demo video, the Remidi CEO shows how the glove works on a desktop and iPad and how you can import free patches from the Remidi website into your music software and shows how to set chords and sensitivity to different finger sensors.

The Remidi T8 wearable music controller is now live on Kickstarter. You can still get it for $199 USD with an estimated shipping date of September 2016.

Check out the video and if you’re into EDM production or live performances be prepared to want one..